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Federal government to supply $150 million to build Devil’s Slide tunnel

March 15, 2005
I'm very interested to find out Caltrans plans as far as traffic diversion while the tunnel is being built. Anyone heard anything? I, like thousands of other coastsiders, commute to the city every day. I know the tunnels going to be a good thing, but in the 5 years they say it's going to take to build, how many years/months will we have serious disruption as commuters?

Pacifica wants to widen Highway 1 north of the Devil’s Slide Tunnel

March 15, 2005
In response to CoastalPlans comment: Can I ask you a question? Do you live in Montara? I doubt it, what you are proposing about 'targeting Montara' would totally destroy one of the most charming, beautiful, unspoiled towns on the coast. We have immense diversity in our housing and inhabitants, surfer shacks to multi million dollar properties, police officers to lawyers, families and single people. Montara is a unique community and you will come up against huge local resistance if anyone tries to…

Pacifica wants to widen Highway 1 north of the Devil’s Slide Tunnel

March 05, 2005
Thanks Barry, I'll look forward to that article. I'm opposed to any development that might change Montara.

Pacifica wants to widen Highway 1 north of the Devil’s Slide Tunnel

March 05, 2005
Sorry, my question is for Bob not Barry!

Pacifica wants to widen Highway 1 north of the Devil’s Slide Tunnel

March 05, 2005
Barry, In your article you quote: In a letter to the county Board of Supervisors, the San Mateo County Association of Realtors said that it opposes designating the old Caltrans freeway bypass in Montara as open space because "being adjacent to the new tunnel, these properties would be ideal sites [for homes] given their proximity to transit." Where exactly do they mean? Are they proposing to build on the old Devil's Slide? That's insane. Do you have any more information on this?

The County will crack down on illegal billboards on Highway 92

February 09, 2005
Go Barry! I'm with Steve!

POST buys conservation easement on San Gregorio ranch

October 20, 2004
John and Clarence Arata, you are heros for no selling this land to contractors! The Coastsiders salute you!

Free Drawing: Win this limited edition photographic print of Point Montara Lighthouse

September 17, 2004
That would look great on our wall!

Clearing an endangered woodrat’s nest off a lot

August 01, 2004
It matters not if it's a rat, bird, fish or whatever, it's an endangered species and it's protected for a good reason. If these people destroyed it's nest and habitat they should be punished to the full extent of the law.

The Lost World of the coastside in 1972

July 23, 2004
It is truly amazing how many houses sprang up in a little over thirty years.

Montara is losing its big trees

July 14, 2004
It is a problem. We have two pretty big pines in our yard which we have been told by a 'tree specialist' will have to come down within a year or two (at the cost of $3000), the reason is 'Monterey beatle', he said it is rampant in Montara. Weird though, I can't find any information on this bug anywhere. Also people cut or trim trees to improve their views. You can have power lines buried in your street it only costs between $5-8,000 per house! Surely a tree can only be taken down if given a permit…

The Montara Beach Coalition launches a Web site for my favorite beach

June 25, 2004
The idea for the Montara Beach Coalition came about after a Save Our Shores beach clean up we attended at Montara. We were chatting with one of the organizers after the event and telling them how we picked litter up on a regular basis ourselves at the beach, and how we were fed up of the trash left behind by the party goers who had fires on the beach late at night (broken glass, pallet nails, beer cans, fast food wrappers, etc.). Our goal is to hopefully rally local people to get involved and become…

Surfrider opens new water quality lab in Princeton

June 25, 2004
This is great news, much tighter controls are need to monitor what gets dumped in the ocean along our shores. KJS

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