Comments by Adrian Mallinger

Devil’s Slide to reopen August 4

July 23, 2006
Two thankful things about the slide closure. First it made me more productive at work. Arriving at 7am to beat the morning commute has allowed me to keep up with our parent company who are 2 time zones ahead, my boss who gets in early and I get more work done in the quiet before the rest of my coworkers arrive. I plan on continuing my early shift so that when the road cracks open again to orks and goblins it won't affect my life too much. Plus by then I'll get myself a mule and Sherpa to guide me…

Jackie Speier will “shop till she drops”  in HMB Tuesday

May 09, 2006
While she shops till she drops, I'll be driving till I'll fall asleep - hard to stay awake while crawling in traffic. Maybe she can do some basic shopping for me like dry cleaning and pet supplies as I can't always get back to the coast before the 7pm closing times. Oh but I still love it here!

Video: Some Sunny Day

April 23, 2006
As I get ready for Mondays 5:45am departure to get to work in SF on time at 7 (my new earlier shifted work hours) this video has brought a huge smile and chuckle - thanks! I'll be joining the chorus on my way home tomorrow night!

Caltrans padlocks road, closes trails on Slide to hikers

April 12, 2006
Does this means they will close the trail up to Montara Mtn and across to Pacfica? Or maybe just the trails that hug the coast line? Info anyone? Thanks.

Slide could take “several months” to repair, says Caltrans

April 07, 2006
We're making the best of it and throwing a party for our neighbors tomorrow night. We can't go anywhere anyways so screw the slide - we'll be drinking screwdrivers and sliders instead! ...and maybe a sacrifce to that Devil of a Slide. :)