Comments by Warren Morrison

Bruce Balshone’s analysis of Tuesday’s county elections

September 05, 2010
It's time to crank up the campaigning. Not only does Sandie Arnott bear some responsibility for the Lehman loss, she carries the baggage of a bloated office budget, mismanaged for 25 years. Dave Mandelkern has the background and experience to revitalize a stale clerkdom. The Coastsider should go all out for Dave's candidacy because if he loses San Mateo County's budget and residents will be at great risk. Talk to your friends and neighbors and do not allow Sandie Arnott to win based on a pseudo title…

Runoffs in District 3 Supervisor, Treasurer races

June 17, 2010
Anyone who voted for Dave, Joe or Richard will not vote for Sandie Arnott, but with only 22% of voters voting, we might need a crystal ball to tap into the brains of the remaining 68% of San Mateo County voters. In a reasonable world, the 68 or whatever additional percentage who decide to vote will bypass the Sandie Arnott box "graduated high school" and vote for Dave Mandelkern, “Graduated Master’s Degree Stanford”. Contrary to public opinion, offices like county treasurer do matter because…

Coastsider endorses Dave Mandelkern for Treasurer-Tax Collector

June 05, 2010
Joe Galligan is the only candidate with 30 years as a CPA, preparing tax documents, providing investment advice and running a respected and successful business. Joe has a BA in Accounting and an MS in Taxation. Joe Galligan is the only candidate who has attended the County Treasurer's investment committee meetings after the 155 million dollar Lehman loss. Joe also attends the county retirement, SAMCERA, board meetings. The Treasurer-Tax Collector is a finance job that is best served by a financial…