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Naomi Patridge mistakenly claims Supervisor Rich Gordon’s endorsement

November 04, 2005
Steve Skinner, Mike Ferreira and Jim Grady were all notified by letter from the Congresswoman. I cannot imagine it would work any other way or else anyone could claim someone endorsed them and there would be no proof. Have to have it in writing. ken

Naomi Patridge mistakenly claims Supervisor Rich Gordon’s endorsement

November 04, 2005
Naomi Patridge's ads also list Congresswoman Anna Eshoo as having endorsed her, but this did not happen--Eshoo endorsed only Mike Ferreira, Jim Grady and Steve Skinner. Perhaps citing either Gordon or Eshoo could be interpretted charitably as a mistake, but to cite both of these folks as backing her when they have not represents a clear pattern of misrepresentation and calls Patridge's other endorsements into question, I would think. ken [EDITOR'S UPDATE: King is correct that Patridge has not received…

Fish & Wildlife Service reduces plover habitat by 40%

September 28, 2005
If you read the article you saw that a business was hired by the Feds to further the Republican assault on endangered species for profit, which you seem to applaud. Don't worry, the plovers won't be in your way a whole lot longer.

Fish & Wildlife Service reduces plover habitat by 40%

September 27, 2005
I wrote a letter about this to US Fish and Wildlife Service that made the following points.First, we are discussing the survival of a species that has been around for at least a couple of million years, while the report admits it is looking at a time period extending up to 2025. We have a duty to imagine that humans, our ancestors, will be living here in a hundred, two hundred, a thousand years, and that these birds should still be here along with them. We owe that to our ancestors, if not the birds…

Terrace Avenue lawsuit rejected by court

August 31, 2005
Well, there's a bit more to it than that, Janet. There is a plan to widen Hwy 1 to four lanes past Terrace to Grand View--that's in the City's LCP, so you can assume it will happen some time in the near future. Given that, imagine trying to pull out of Terrace going left across two northbound lanes without a light for protection. The reason for the Hwy 1 project is to releave pressure on the downtown lights at commute hours. It disturbs our way of life on Terrace, but it's an overall benefit to the…

Guess who’s back? Students visit Cunha to get class assignments

August 30, 2005
Congratulations on an informative, well-written article, Victoria! This is a promising piece of journalism--hope to see more from you over time.

Letter: CCWD’s rates set by politics, not accounting

August 25, 2005
Since the biggest part of the increase is to cover the state "takeaway," why aren't they talking about a temporary levy rather than a permanent increase? Because they need to $$ for all their long range "capital improvement" projects is the probable answer.

HMB Review’s editorial is not even wrong

August 14, 2005
Gratuitously mentioning someone's name 3 times in the Review's backhanded editorial is the old "Man does not beat his wife!" ploy. Good job, Barry, and great quotes!

Please step away from the car

July 21, 2005
The country roads around here should be walked--we really do live in the country! 1.Higgins Canyon Rd at the south end of Main Street and Hwy 1 runs east through a beautiful canyon and is popular with joggers, bikers, and some walkers. About 1 and 1/2 miles up Higgins on the left is Burleigh Murry State Park with a miniscule parking lot (unpaved), and a walkable dirt road paralleling a scenic creek and unspoiled hills. 2.Continuing up Higgins another mile the road splits. I like to park there and…

Cypress Cove survey gives NIMBY a bad name

July 14, 2005
Cypress Cove has three members on the park committee, so its concerns have been accommodated from the outset of the design process. Traffic enters on 92 and flows one-way through the park and out at Stone Pine. More than half of the park’s total acreage is devoted to a passive park with a wildlife corridor and restored habitat, an open space green, gardens and a labyrinth, all placed in the west end near the homes. A naturalistic play area fits snugly between the gardens and the creek buffer zone.…

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