Comments by Dave Olson

MROSD concerned about rodenticide’s effect on local bobcats

April 20, 2014
This topic will be discussed at the Midcoast Community Council meeting on Wednesday, 23 April 2014. Full agenda is here:

Photos: Big day at Montara Beach

March 05, 2014
Great pictures, Kevin! Thanks for posting them. There were some wonderful waves and spray.

Miramar area DSL problems

September 01, 2010
Unless you are in an unusual location in Miramar, you should be able to get comcast internet. We are on the west side of 1, and I regularly get 8 Mbits/sec down, and 1.5 Mbit/sec up. They've been running new fiber and copper for the last few months, and should have even higher speeds available fairly soon. If you are up a canyon or up on the hill where you can't get comcast to run cable, maybe you can get line of sight wireless to somebody who can get it. I spent years trying to get AT&T to fix DSL…