Comments by David Mayes

County policies lead to failing wells

August 09, 2009
I am bemused to return to the Coastsider five years after selling my home on Stetson St., to see that virtually nothing has changed on the issue of water in Moss Beach and Montara...absolutely nada. Still no solution for failing wells and digusting filthy water...I routinely hooked up my neighbor out of a moral concern for his need for potable water...Kathryn knows this property. That neighbor now lives in the Florida Keys. Then there were the two ex-firemen who cooked up the complicated idea of…

Letter: Power out in Moss Beach yet again

March 17, 2006
Again, I urge those in Moss Beach who are incensed about local power outages, and have some history with this mutli-year chronic problem without any resolution, to re-read my comment here on the 2002 outages and State Assembly hearing in Sacramento, at which i spoke, with PG&E top state execs in attendance...Do something! Call Sylvia Morales (D-Fresno)office. She chaired the Sacramento hearing, and knows the landscape at PG&E. Call Debra, Rich Gordon's aide at the Supervisors' office. She lives over…

Letter: Power out in Moss Beach yet again

March 16, 2006
I strongly urge Moss Beach residents to track this and for someone to write/call Sandra Morales (exact name? check the state assembly website) Democrat Assemblywoman who chairs the Assembly Committee that oversees PG&E...Remind her of her hearing in January 2003, and ask that she reopen hearings on the extraordinarily poor PG&E service...This will not be the first time that she or PG&E have heard this...I expect that she will be very receptive.

Letter: Power out in Moss Beach yet again

March 12, 2006
Many in Moss Beach may recall the two heavy storms and lengthy outages within one week in December of 2002, if my memory serves me correctly. One of those outages lasted for over 8 hours. As these outages also were not the first, I decided to do something. Moss Beach is a PG&E Zone 50, which means it has police, fire and hospital facilities, and is not subject to rolling blackouts. One would logically also presume that this means a higher priority for fixing outages...Not so. I had spoken to the…

Letter: Deja vu—Newly-elected Council members take aim at HMB Planning Commission

December 19, 2005
We have only recently left the Coastside after many years to relocate to the southern interior of British Columbia, but the recent political events with the Board of Supervisors and the LCP, as well as the blatantly political effort to gut the HMB Planning Commission have convinced us that our move came none too soon. Four lanes of Highway One will cause less pollution? Greed is good, alive and well in HMB...Welcome to the new Laguna Beach of the north, with all the political monkey business, and…

Another Comcastic rate increase

December 04, 2005
I view the string of Comcast rate increases, as reported by the Coastsider, as part of a much more ominous problem: unbridled corporate power. "Greed is good" in this world: those words made famous by Michael Douglas in the film Wall Street. Congress originally was responsible for protecting the public from such excesses, but now appears to have utterly opted out of their responsibility. Jefferson and Madison worried about this threat to democracy. FM disappeared from our Comcast Coastside world…

Coastsider endorses Vince Williams, Ginny McShane for Point Montara Fire District

October 27, 2005
I will attempt to recreate my original remarks here... Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Barry Parr and the Coastsider are the first to speak out candidly and bluntly about the cronyism and questionable politics on the Point Montara Fire District Board..I have previously characterized this Board as analagous to an "Al Swearingen/Deadwood-like" scenario (for those familiar with HBO). Firemen, brothers of firemen, ex-firemen running the Board, using their intimate knowledge of the system to line their personal…

County Transportation Authority agrees to provide missing money for Highway 92 project

October 09, 2005
Could the Coastsider please put a link to the engineering drawings of the proposed Hwy 92 and Main Street intersection renovations? I think it would be helpful to all your readers.

HMB Review’s editorial is not even wrong

August 17, 2005
I wish I had been the one to first congratulate The Coastsider for this necessary skewering of the publisher of the Half Moon Bay Review.... It must be terribly embarrassing for Deborah to be shown to be so utterly lacking. Barry Parr deserves our gratitude for handling this directly but also in a mature manner.

Accident on Highway 1 in Moss Beach/Montara kills one, seriously injures another

August 01, 2005
rjk, Montara Mike and I have also discussed this at length...We fully expected that a tragedy like last week's was inevitable. We have needed to turn left onto Carlos heading southbound to exit to our home. It was either a moving complete turn without stopping, or go on to Etheldore. No way would we stop in the traffic lane. I agree with Mike that you cannot change behavior that easily, especialy when many on Hwy. 1 are not local, and do not appreciate the danger....I see it all the time, people…

Accident on Highway 1 in Moss Beach/Montara kills one, seriously injures another

July 27, 2005
Left turns in either direction off of Highway One in the area of Carlos, the Hostel, and 16th are dangerous beyond belief. I have discussed this with my wife, and we now agree that unless the left turn can be completed without stopping for oncoming traffic and it is clear of traffic behind us, we will not sit there in the middle of the highway waiting for someone to plow into us from behind....Much safer to make left turns in the left turnouts or to make a safe turnabout to approach the intersection…