Comments by Elizabeth Tyler

Picturesque Pescadero farm sells easement to land conservancy

January 21, 2008
I first saw this in an article in the Montery County Herald, also by Julia Scott. It was a little different from the Inside Bay Area/San Mateo County Times article that the Coastsider article links to. The Herald article is here: In part it says: "Brian Rianda, managing director for the Monterey County Agricultural and Historical Land Conservancy, said the San Mateo Farm Bureau asked the local organization to get involved with the easement…

Coastsider endorses Boyd, Slater-Carter for MWSD

November 04, 2007
Ken King Please clean your glasses. I am way under 6 feet tall and I have never been to Texas. And yes, Terry Gossett and I have both been seen in the same place at the same time as two different bodies.

Letter: George Muteff takes his City Council campaign to right-wing radio

October 20, 2005
Concerned HMB Citizen wrote: "There is a buzz going around the coastside these days because ordinary citizens have had enough of this, and are angry and cynical. Many of us are in favor of open space, oppose urban sprawl, but believe that existing homeowners are being very unfairly treated" I don't live within the HMB city limits and so won't be voting for the city council. However, I am watching this race with much interest. The buzz going around the coastside is not limited to HMB and may be reflected…

HMB’s biggest farmers upset with LCP revision

September 01, 2005
Mr Paull's proposal sounds nice. Unfortunately there is a local faction that thinks farmers are in league with developers and are just waiting to cut up their land. I guess they could keep on farming if they did what this faction told them, perhaps down to planting the crops that "the faction" thought the coastside needed. After all, humans don't eat hay or grain, which were once grown in great abundance here. How about the farmers who still exist who farm rented land? I'm not sure if there are any…

Should the Coastside be more like Foster City?

June 06, 2005
mal.comX wriites: "These are people who go around complaining because they have to drive over the hill to shop at WalMart or Costco. In addition, there are lots of others who make their living in construction and real estate." I'm not trying to start a flamewar here, but saying this is so does not make it so. How many people outside of your regular group of acquaitances have you actually discussed this with? Or are you just going by something that you "perceive" as true? Just wondering. It is a rhetorical…

Should the Coastside be more like Foster City?

June 03, 2005
What does Foster City look like to me? Looks like what they are today calling "Smart Growth". Isn't that supposed to be a Good Thing?

MROSD agrees to manage Rapley Ranch for POST

June 03, 2005
I am somewhat familiar with the Rapley Ranch property. The press release even describes the property as sitting "high on the west-facing slopes of Russian Ridge." So where exactly is the "important spawning and nursery area for the federally threatened steelhead trout," on the property? Or were they only trying to imply that there are spawining areas on the ranch but were really refering to lower areas of Mindego Creek? I wish these press release writers would be more cliear. It almost makes me wonder…

The Lost World of the coastside in 1972

July 17, 2004
Yes, a useful resource for comparison. But, you should either do a little research or be a bit more specific before making a sweeping statement such as (in 1972) "Half Moon Bay has yet to sprawl across Highway 1". I'm sure many long-time and life-time residents of HMB who have lived in the "sprawl" west of Hwy 1 since the days of the Ocean Shore RR would dispute that statement. :)