Comments by Phil Griffiths

Photo: Can you identify this shark?

August 09, 2007
I would say it's a mako, based on info from this site: I don't see any white on the dorsal fin, which seems to be the major marking. But it sounds like they get mistaken for each other quite a bit.

Letter: Comcast Cable TV quality problems?

May 13, 2006
I'm probably a little late to the game on this so excuse me if I'm stating the obvious or sounding like a whiner. I have comcast cable digital cable in Montara. I can't get DirecTV as the trees (not mine) block the satellite line of site. So I'm really stuck with no choice since I can even get regular antenna tv. The quality of the cable has been horrific since I've moved here in 2000 and the lack of cable services (OnDemand,HDTV etc) is really frustrating. What is their reason as to why we can't…