Comments by Daniel Fiden

Why is Harbor Village deserted?

December 15, 2009
I agree that there are design issues (did anyone consider ventilation for a design that is essentially a giant greenhouse?), tenant issues (more bookstores!), and plenty of folks who told-ya-so. But we have Harbor Village now, so rather than cheering its demise, let's think about what might happen if it does fail. What would happen to the structure? What would go in there? Would that be better for the community? The reality is that the folks who've opened up in there are mostly locals. Let's support…

CUSD “pink slip” list released

April 01, 2009
Why would you post this? Are the names of the people impacted something that Coastsider readers need to know?

Coastsider endorses Ferreira, Grady, and Skinner

October 20, 2005
Not that I disagree, but the "devil you know" argument in the penultimate paragraph is kind of weak.

Coastsider interviews the guy who writes the Review’s editorial corrections

August 22, 2005
Brilliant interview.