Comments by Janet Rae-Dupree

Video: Caltrans punches-through on Devil’s Slide tunnel

October 01, 2010
YESSSSSS!!!!!! It's been far too long in coming. Thank you so much for making the rest of us feel a part of this crucial moment.

Terrace stoplight: Recipe for traffic disaster

May 17, 2006
I find it disturbing, Mike, that every time you enter into the online debate about Pacific Ridge you conclude your responses with dismissive tones. When I tried to point out a few important points last year, you told me that there was "neither time nor space" to go into the details you would have liked to have gone into. This is cyberspace. There's plenty of room. It's up to you to MAKE the time. Now you're telling Mr. Muteff that "there's lots more I could rebut" but you'd rather dismiss him with…

Rock slides delay Slide reopening, endanger visitors

April 04, 2006
Barry -- you ROCK! These are fabulous images and you continue to do a marvelous job getting the news out there fast. This is what citizen journalism is all about. THANK YOU!

Terrace Avenue lawsuit rejected by court

September 01, 2005
Interesting that you brought Silver Avenue back into play in your last comment. That idea was DOA years ago. When we bought our house on Silver a decade ago, it was made very clear that Silver would never -- and was never designed to -- connect to the neighborhood we knew would one day be built at Pacific Ridge. Terrace, on the other hand, was designed to be connected to that neighborhood, although the developer was supposed to be able to build separate roads into the new community instead. Terrace…

Terrace Avenue lawsuit rejected by court

August 31, 2005
I was wrong. They're only allowed to build 40 homes if the light doesn't go in! This from the HMB Review a year ago: "After years of legal battles with the city and California Coastal Commission, the agreement reached last March allows for 63 homes with a traffic light at Terrace Avenue or 40 homes without a light." ( Delete the light! Cut the number of Pacific Ridge homes to 40! It's a solution the entire Coastside community…

Terrace Avenue lawsuit rejected by court

August 31, 2005
Most of us in the Highland Park neighborhood do understand that there are no white hats/black hats, as you so aptly put it. But please understand in return that a great many of us do NOT want that traffic light, new homes or no new homes. We can get in and out of the neighborhood just fine with the emerging southbound lane where it is, so why mess up Coastside traffic for everyone by putting in yet another light? Besides, as I understand the settlement, the developer can put in 63 homes if the company…