Comments by Georgia Stigall

Pot on public lands - the questions need to change

August 26, 2011
Thanks for your comments Carl! Just for the record though, I did not "politely avoid" mentioning the facts related to Mexican drug cartels - it was just not part of my focus. Of course you are correct in that assessment. In addition to BLM & USFS lands, these very ecologically destructive & violent activities occur frequently & increasingly in National Parks, State Parks and special districts (e.g., MROSD, East Bay Regional Parks, Marin Watershed & the like) where logging, mining, etc. are NOT allowed.…

3.8, 1.4 magnitude earthquakes near Sweeney Ridge

April 18, 2011
Up here (crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains in southern SM County) it felt (and sounded!) like a steady rattle, and then a jolt. Four seconds approx, and moving through our house from southeast to northwest. Quite an appropriate anniversary of the April 18, 1906 quake but thankfully without the drama and trauma! -Georgia

POST is buying Wavecrest

August 19, 2007
Wow!!! Additional words fail me at this time :-)

Hello from Rock the Block

May 20, 2006
I wasn't able to get to HMB last evening after all and I can't stand the suspense... who won the truck??? Georgia (Skyline region/La Honda)