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Boys and Girls Club president says unnamed planner verbally OK’d bulldozing

June 20, 2006
The practice at the county is to keep notes on every action or conversation on a specific property is it is in the permit process. Does HMB do this? Is it possible for somene to look at the files and see who the planner was, what question was asked and what the answer was? Kathryn

Boys and Girls Club bulldozes probable wetlands on city’s land without a permit

June 20, 2006
What shame that that the Boys and Girls Club directors chose to act in such a hasty, irresponsible manner. This does not set a good example for their members or supporters. The mission statement for the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside, as well as for the Boys and Girls Club of America, says: To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. I was Capital Campaign Co-Chair for the DeLue Boys…

Letter: Sign and distribute a petition to Trader Joe’s

June 14, 2006
Rumor has it the Albertsons building has been either leased or purchased by a big pharmaceutical company that will put in a Savon Drug or similar enterprise. Perhaps someone could do some checking.

CCF asks Coastal Commission 25 questions

June 18, 2006
I have several question I have not seen addressed here: How many new stop lights will be added as a result of the Bypass? At the petition table I was told no stop lights would be added if the Terrace light did not go in. Was that petition drive associated with the CCF Bypass proposal? What differrence will altering the placement of the new light a few hundred feet on Highway 1 make to traffic flow on Highway 1? Kathryn

Speaker’s authority to appoint alternates to Coastal Commission disputed

June 13, 2006
The Pebble Beach Company has withdrawn the project from Coastal Commission review. It will not be heard tomorrow in Santa Rosa. Kathryn

Speaker’s authority to appoint alternates to Coastal Commission disputed

June 12, 2006
I am deeply disappointed in Speaker Nunez acting to contravene the Coastal Act to benefit a few wealthy investors at the expense of all Californians. Golf courses are not coastal dependent activities. Even at that, there are already 20 golf courses in Monterey County, it is not as if there in no place to play golf there- even for the rich and famous. There is no way to replace the Del Monte Forest; not any way to mitigate its destruction. I can only hope the Coastal Commission will do what is right…

Letter: George Muteff takes his City Council campaign to right-wing radio

October 13, 2005
bginna- yes, I do listen to Sussman. Do you think Naomi and Bonnie would not go on a show that features property rights as a central theme if invited? Naomi signed the argument against Measure D; Bonnie signed the rebuttal to the argument in favor of Measure D. Kathryn

Letter: George Muteff takes his City Council campaign to right-wing radio

October 12, 2005
Muteff is not the only coastsider Sussman has had on-air to spread groundless lies. Sussman worked very hard to stop the expansion of MROSD to the coast. Nina Pellegrini and, I believe, Terry Gossett were also on Sussmans show. If Sussmans guests have their way we will look like Roseville: acre upon acre of stucco boxes wedged in against one another; interspersed by traffic congested roadways and stucco strip malls crammed with chain stores; neighborhoods virtually indistinguisable one from the other.…

County studying adding employees, reorganization of planning department

September 19, 2005
The members of the Midcoast Council have been telling the Board of Supervisors that this needed to be done for years. Overworked planners, under pressure, with a huge backlog of cases make bad decisions - this has been bad for everyone: home owners, builders and the community. However, 3 contract agencies to do planning along with over-the-counter decision makers need to be familiar with the community and our scattered zoning ordiinances and our Local Coastal Program in order to make good decisons.…

Crowds turn out early for Farallone View Lit Club sale

September 11, 2005
Lit Club is a wonderful program that pays for itself with the proceeds from these garage sales. It is a program that involves the kids in reading - they learn that reading is fun; they learn why they read instead of just how to read. I have seen kids go from a 'reading is a boring chore" to "reading is something I can't get enought of." Diana Purucker introduced this program to her classes and it has spread to others - but it can only continue with parent volunteers and community support. Kathryn…

Did a developer steal this woman’s camera?

October 10, 2005
Ry Unlike Barb's ephemeral stream (probably sucked dry from the Euc forest in and around its path) the Montecito Riparian Corridor is a documented, protected stream. Any massive vegetation removal needs a permit. We just has such a massive vegetation removal in Moss Beach along a perennial stream. We called in state agencies as well as the County. But start with the County. Barb is correct, it is essential totake photos and document, document, document. Send them to the county a.s.a.p - attn: Lisa…

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