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Supervisor Gordon will be at MCC to speak on Midcoast representation, Weds

January 13, 2009
I just received this note from Matt Jacobs in Supervisor Gordons office in case you cannot attend the MCC meeting: "Everyone, Wanted to let you know that our office will be holding office hours at the Moss Beach Sheriff's Substation on Thursday, January 22nd from 10am until noon. We hope to see you there and please inform anyone you think who may be interested. Thank you, Matt Save Paper. Think before you print."

Supervisor Gordon will be at MCC to speak on Midcoast representation, Weds

January 12, 2009
Supervisor Gordon's agenda item will begin at 7:40. The MCC meetings are held at Seton Hospital. Please park in two parking lots farthest from the hospital entry - look for the direction sign on your left before you get to the main parking lot. In addition to the first parking area you come to there is a road up to another lot on the far side. The Board Staff report for the MCC vacancy appointment is at: Kathryn

POST adds three Coastside properties

January 11, 2009
Thank you to POST, its generous contributors, and to the previous owners of these lands for making it possible to keep them as public trust lands available to the growing population in the rest of California. Kathryn

Letter: Planetary conjunction in the evening sky

November 29, 2008
It was a gorgeous sunset tonight at about 5:30 - the moon was low in the south western sky, the planet were up and to the left. This is something worth taking the time to see. Kathryn

Letter: Just a thought

September 06, 2008
Airplane noise has increased over the years. If it is this bad in a down economy, I think something ought to be done before more folks buy airplanes to fly in and out from here or we have larger aircraft using the airport. In 1996/1997 the County started, but never completed, the airport master plan. We were told that the HMB airport Master Plan would be done after the one for San Carlos airport was finished. The SC Plan was finished in 2004. Be aware that the master plan could make matters worse,…

Yee offers HMB $10 million bill to put park on Beachwood

August 19, 2008
Tonight the HMB City Council unanimously decided to support Senator Yees assistance. Senator Yee found a way to both help the people of Half Moon Bay and to keep the environmental laws and Coastal Act in tact. I would encourage everyone to send letters of support for this legislation to Senator Yee to help get this through the legislature and signed by the governor. Capitol Office State Capitol, Room 4048 Sacramento, CA 95814 Phone: (916) 651-4008 [email protected] Kathryn

HMB’s AB1991 representative Lanny Davis joins Fox News

June 17, 2008
HMB has a budget deficit to operate and maintain its sewer system - where is it finding the money to pay for the Davis PR push? Does anyone know how much HMB has spent on the Beachwood PR effort? And since it probably was not in last years budget, where is it coming from? Is it in next years budget? The LAFCo report shows HMB spending $95,877 more to operate its sewer system than it receives in revenues and over $588,000 more in capital improvements than it gets in revenues for its capital improvements.…

Pants on fire

June 16, 2008
Steve, You seem to think passage of AB 1991 in its original form is a 'done deal'. Why do you think so? It appears from the Senate analysts report that there are other options being considered in the legislature. The $18,000,000 was agreed to by a majority of the city council. I am sure in its wisdom it looked at what would happen if AB 1991 or the subsequent federal permits did not conform to the very specific terms of the agreement. I am sure it carefully considered this option before it gave up…

Pants on fire

June 15, 2008
Steve, How much money has this entire pr campaign cost HMB? Other, unaccounted costs will be the ability of the City to work with the Coastal Commission and other regulatory agencies. for instance, even if AB 1991 passes there are still the Federal agencies. Any estimates on how much that will cost? Or if the pr campaign can be reimbursed by an insurance policy? Who are the liars on the Coastal Commission and what lies did they tell? Kathryn

Pants on fire

June 14, 2008
It appears the Senate analysts office agrees with this editorial premise: While the bill's sponsors argue that a unique local situation requires a unique legislative solution, AB 1991 becomes a political precedent for Sacramento's direct intervention on behalf of specific subdivisions. The bill's declaration that it shouldn't be considered a precedent for future exceptions from state environmental regulations doesn't bind future Legislatures from using AB 1991 as an excuse to help other property…

Another bill to exempt developer from the law submitted to Assembly

June 12, 2008
Steve, (or anyone) Just how much money has been spent on Lanny Davis and the entire PR campaign from when it was conceived to present. It was $350,000 several months ago. Somewhere I read it is approaching $1,000,000. True? Kathryn

Letter: Why I support Richard Holober for State Assembly

June 03, 2008
I know we can work with Gina to solve our problems; I suspect we might be able to work with Richard; Jerry's voting record speaks for itself. Vote for Gina.

Letter: Why I support Richard Holober for State Assembly

June 02, 2008
From Gina Papan: I do not and would not support AB 1991 unless it was amended to require adherence to the Coastal Act. I am very sympathetic to the concerns of the City of Half Moon Bay and the situation they are in--as Mayor I understand their constraints. As an Assembly member I would certainly work to create a satisfactory outcome for this situation. I apologize for having mis-spoken at last week's debate and want to be clear--I do not support AB 1991 as it is currently written. I would not support…

Letter: Why I support Richard Holober for State Assembly

May 31, 2008
Nadia Holober, Richard's wife, works for the big developers who profit from undermining Coastal Act requirements here. She currently represents Ken Menasco ( working to build 2 houses double the size of any in the neighborhood) in Montara. When she was a SMCo Planning Commissioner I cannot recall any vote to protect coastal resources or our neighborhoods: She voted for groundwater pollution by wells; houses on wells with no proof of a long-term, reliable water supply, & out-of-scale huge houses,…

Letter: Reelect the only Coastsider on the county Democratic Central Committee

May 29, 2008
I wholeheartedly support April. She has worked tirelessly for all in San Mateo County in general, and our coast in particular. Kathryn

Letter: Why I support Jerry Hill for State Assembly

May 29, 2008
Susan, is this the same Jerry Hill who: continues to approve houses on individual wells in the unincorporated coast. threatened to sue the Coastal Commission if it did not approve the ghastly Board of Supervisors rewrite of the amendments the Planning Commission recommended. Carl is correct, our growth rate will be 3 times that of HMB and 9 + times that Pacifica; allows new residential in areas where we need more commercial for the future; approved an septic system going in with 155 ft of one of…

HMB release says dozens of citizens headed to Sacramento to support AB1991

April 30, 2008
Cuts by the City of Half Moon Bay will not affect the fire district. Fire protection and associated emergency services are funded and administered by the Coastside Fire Protection District - a separate special district with no financial ties to the City. Kathryn

HMB to Sacramento: If you don’t support AB1991, we’ll kill this dog

April 17, 2008
Several points need to be brought into the discussion here: Keenan chose to take this to court after he was allowed 19 homes by the Coastal Commission. He was not denied the right to build anything, just all that he wanted. There were naturally occurring wetlands as well as manmade wetlands on the property. Walkers decision was only about the manmade wetlands, not all of those in existence on the single parcel. The proof is in the fact that the property needed drainage from the start of the property.…

“The Real Dirt on Farmer John” in HMB, Saturday

April 09, 2008
I highly recommend this film. It is is worth the time to watch it - entertaining and thought provoking. Kathryn

Senator Yee withdraws as a co-author of Beachwood settlement bill

April 05, 2008
I wonder what each of the Democrat Assembly candidates thinks about this agreement and what he/she would do if elected to the assembly. Hopefully each will be willing to post his/ or her opinion here. Kathryn

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