Comments by Laura McHugh

HMB’s municipal code is now online

November 30, 2008
I accessed this about two weeks ago when discussing the problem with people sleeping in cars in my neighborhood. HMB police were reluctant to enforce the 2-5 am no sleeping rule and suggested I check the ordinances and approach the city council about potential other forms of relief. It was my surprise to find that the ordinance already reads "no sleeping in vehicles from 10 pm to 6 am" which works for me. The on-duty was surprised too about this change, and I haven't seen anyone sleeping in my neighborhood…

Letter: Intruder in a yard, in HMB

August 03, 2008
Thanks to Barry for posting this story. I wanted it to get some daylight as it was an upsetting and unnerving experience, and my interactions with the HMB police department left me feeling less than safe. They arrived in response to my 9-1-1 call at 12:30 am and did do a brief walkthrough of my gated and fenced back yard where I found this person "sleeping" within 10 feet of my bedroom sliding glass door. As the intruder had left the premises by the time they arrived, they really had nothing to go…

Welcome (back) to the new Coastsider

December 01, 2007
I like the new look. Crisp and professional, easier to read.

Field Notes: Coastside Farmers’ Market

September 01, 2007
It's such a joy to read Erin's wonderful writing. Her passion for life, fun and the market comes through. I agree with her sentiments about staying home this long weekend too - we live in a vacation paradise. Why leave? That saves us all some gas and reduces the global warming too. Now, out to the garage!

Letter: Smart Growth and the Coastside

September 24, 2006
Start with a coherent and unified "vision," as Barry alludes to. What will (not what you want...) the Coast and surrounding communities and economies look like in 15 to 50 years out? What are the elements of the Coast that we can all agree should be retained (public access to the water, development rates, etc.), then work back from that vision to a realistic plan to build toward a future. Can (or will) the Planning Commission engage the services of qualified professional with this expertise to help…

Devil’s Slide to reopen August 4

July 22, 2006
For reasons not completely known to me, CALTrans CAN perform when needed, but can also be incredibly bureaucratic. Ref. the San Mateo bridge rebuild v. the Oak/SF Bridge. My guess is that part of that is external politics, and like anything in business - a lot depends on getting the right project manager on the job to make things happen. Mr Sartipi seems to have been the right guy for the job here, and any good business person knows the adage - underpromise and overdeliver. I say this was a project…

Photos: “Private” fireworks show in Princeton Harbor

July 05, 2006
Great photos! I'm new to HMB (December) so when I heard no fireworks I was sad. I didn't think there might be an altgernative. Thanks for letting us know - I'll be out next year!

SamTrans hasn’t addressed Coastside concerns

June 01, 2006
I agree with these concerns about the buses. I would love to take the bus to my job in Foster City. I would have to go to Hillsdale and catch a ride, bike, etc. and my employer would pick up most of my ticket costs, but the buses run back here to HMB at 4:30 or 6 pm. 4:30 is too early and 6 puts me home at 7 pm. Why no bus at 5 or 5:15?

Hello from Rock the Block

May 19, 2006
I'm new to HMB - recently moved here from East Bay. It was great to see all the kids and families out tonight having a good time. HMB is such a nice little town.

Photos: How Caltrans is drilling those holes under the roadbed

May 16, 2006
Whatever you may feel about the tunnel or the havoc the Slide's closure has had on you recently, this is DANGEROUS work for the men and women involved to repair this roadway. Let's all pray for their continued safety as they work on this solution for us.

Letter: Lyme Disease Awareness Month

May 13, 2006
Don't think it can't happen to you. I got bit by a tick that was so small I could barely see it, and I only found it after several days in my arm. The area started as a red patch, but quickly developed the "telltale" bulls-eye pattern that is a ring of redness encircling the bite site, with normal appearing skin between the bite and ring. The ring develops after a couple of days. I also experienced disorientation, weakness and slight nausea. The doctor prescribed the wrong antibiotic at first, but…

Predict the opening date of the Slide and win dinner (or whatever) at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Comp

April 10, 2006
Too late to enter the contest, but I predict 235 days, using a statistical analysis of the trend line for the previous closures.

How good a neighbor is Mavericks?

February 12, 2006
The major sponsors of this event (who have lots of $) need to take responsibility for managing the event just like the X-games. This means signage, traffic and crowed control/security day of the event, and post-event cleanup/restoration. Whether they gate it and charge or continue to do it free is an option they can look at. They could work through the permitting authorities. We had a picnic at a local private beach that the HMB police/fire found out about when we were advertising on Craig's List…

We need a common vision of downtown Half Moon Bay

October 02, 2005
I am hoping to move to HMB one day, and my longer term intention is to open a business in the main street area. What I love about HMB is the tranquility and the touristy-weekend vibe. I spend quite a bit of time there both on weekdays and weekends as I have a good friend who moved there 3 years ago. Has anyone studied how some of the great revival areas have done it? Some suggestions are San Antonio Riverwalk, downtown Mountain View, College Ave area of Berkeley...these come to mind. What are the…