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Photo: HMB’s auto-slalom course

October 07, 2007
I wonder if PG&E has abandoned the coastside? MWSD has been waiting on PG&E to upgrade the serve to our new Alta Vista well so we can pump more than 50 gallons per minute. The delay on our project is not obvious like the Hwy 92 delay, but no less critical. E-mail a complaint to the CA Public Utilities Commission or call or write: California Public Utilities Commission Utilities Safety Branch 505 Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102-3298 The website is: Please reference this article or the MWSD need…

Caltrans is less certain a new traffic light is needed

June 07, 2006
I continue to lobby for a single lane of controlled traffic over Devils Slide during commute hours. I hope CalTrans will reconsider this option. With political leadership from Redwood City we would have that option in operaton now and would not need to be discussing the pros and cons of a new traffic light as it would not be needed. I believe, much like the bypass/tunnel discussion, CalTrans argues from the perspective of what ever is the most convenient engineering and operations solution for CalTrans.…

Big Wave project hearing tonight in El Granada

June 05, 2006
I made the announcement for this pre-application project review at the beginning and end of the last MCC meeting. I also announced it during MCC comments at the MWSD meeting - which will be shown tomorrow night. The notice had been mailed to folks in Pillar Ridge who live close by and to agencies; there are probably others. It is not too late to comment. Please send your comments to Lisa Grote at the County Planning Dept. Darin Boville was taking notes. I look forward to his article. Kathryn

Letter: Questions for Supervisors Rich Gordon and Jerry Hill

May 24, 2006
Kevin, Thanks for asking the questions, I have sent them to all the candidates for tonight. One addition to list of candidates for a seat on the Board of Supervisors, District 3 is Jack Hickey, Libertarian. He will be there tonight too. Kathryn

Caltrans gives HMB a chance to discuss traffic light

May 22, 2006
I think the argument about the metering lights is misdirected. My direct experience, verified by conversations and posts on Coastsider, is that the big clog in the morning is at the light at Capistrano Rd. in El Granada. In the afternoon it is as Hwy 280 (n and s) and 92 eastbound all squeeze multiple lanes onto the single lane of 92 westbound. During previous closures of Devils Slide (this is my 4th) CalTrans opened the Slide to one way traffic during peak commute hours. We don't need a new light…

Opinion:  Foothill Bypass, Part III: We can’t afford it

May 10, 2006
Mike, Thanks for bringing out 'the rest of the story'. While the costs of building and maintaining Foothill would be paid by HMB taxpayers, it would probably be most heavily used by folks living in the unincorporated areas. HMB would be subsidizing the County taxbase. HMB residents living south of 92 would seldom have the need to use it, yet they'd be paying for it and stuck in the traffic mess that would be created by the Foothill traffic turning onto 92 at the new light. Tim Pond, in a previous…

Harbor District considering increased fees to cover deficit

May 10, 2006
The Harbor District is in a tough position - but so are a lot of folks who depend on its facilities as part of how they make a living or as part of where they live. I hope the district will have a meeting locally as well as in SSF. It will also imform the voters on the finances of the district. Kathryn

Red Ginger opens in El Granada

May 01, 2006
Five of us had a fine dinner there Friday night. There were the usual rough spots that happen for any new restaurant, but we all said we will go back again. The delicious wines we ordered were accurately described. The potstickers were very good, the dipping sauces served with them were fantastic. The main courses were all superb. Something that few restaurants have is a great tea selection. At Red Ginger it is better than any I have seen in any restaurant I have visited in California. No just the…

Caltrans puts Hwy 1 & 92 intersection camera online

April 28, 2006
I hope if folks find the camera helpful they will send a note to CalTrans. I know I will be looking at it in planning my am trips. Hopefully they will put one up at Crystal Spring Reservoir to help us see what the afternoon commute looks like: Kathryn

Traffic is flowing well Monday morning

April 18, 2006
Only four years ago bussing was raised as a key priority by one slate in the CUSD board election. The voters decided it was not an important issue. The slate that made bussing a priority lost. The three candidates who won said they would look into it. In deed they have. It is my understanding that only 4 busses remain. The idea of bussing was brought up recently: Should a bus program be part of the proposed parcel tax? The decison was not to have bussing in the upcoming parcel tax If we want to vote…

Devil’s slide and Shamrock Ranch slip-out are both deteriorating

April 06, 2006
I hope and Pray CalTrans will fix the two slumps starting to get worse on Hwy 92 - One is at the perpetually wet curve just inside the HMB city limits - the other is up by where the big puddle of water is - not far from where the eucs fell over. We do not need Hwy 92 looking like the photos in this set. Kathryn

Video: Tour of the damage at Devil’s Slide

April 04, 2006
Barry, The video played on my Mac. I recommend everyone watch. Kathryn

Video: Tour of the damage at Devil’s Slide

April 03, 2006
Barry and Darin, Thanks so very much. In the 12 years since the last closure much has changed - and it positive to be able to v iew what is happening with the slip. Kathryn

MCTV says county is still shortchanging Coastside on cable fees

March 28, 2006
I will be there to support MCTV because: "A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives." - James Madison Times have changed, but the importance of having a means for the public to educate itself about government has increased with the ever increasing complexity…

Letter: School district’s dropout statistics are misleading

March 20, 2006
The following Dan Walters column from the Sacramento Bee addresses this issue: Dan Walters: Dry statistical report portends immense tragedy in the making "California is finally implementing a system to track its 6-plus million public school students by assigning identification numbers, which should allow us to finally pin down how many drop out without finishing high school. .... For years, California has maintained the polite fiction that its official dropout rate isn't too bad - about 3 percent…

Opinion: Downtown in a downturn

March 17, 2006
Not to state the obvious, but stop lights do save lives. We have many more families and individuals living here than we did when the existing road system was planned; we will have more moving in and visiting for the forseeable future. Our roads must be safe; folks must be able to get in and out of their neighborhoods safely; residents and visitors must be able to safely access the beach. The cause of the slowdown between Montara and HMB is from a highway designed and built for a much smaller population…

Opinion: Downtown in a downturn

March 16, 2006
I think downtown needs to consider the effect the highway congestion has on business: I rarely go to Half Moon Bay on weekends or afternoons as I do not want to get stuck in the traffic. Friends have cancelled trips over to meet me in HMB due to traffic on 92. We never schedule getting together in HMB for lunch or dinner during pumpkin season due to the mess on 92. This is not 'new' news. I remembeer these same comments in 1979 when the County LCP was first being considered. HMB voters did something…

Gallery:  Supervisors continue hearings on Midcoast LCP update

March 16, 2006
Other actions regarding the growth rate: There will be no community sub-limits; It eliminated the provision authorizing the Board to increase the limit up to 200 new units per year; Now permit limits will apply to units, not building permits; It did not add the proposed exemption for mixed-use units (CCR District) and caretakers quarters (W district) at Princeton; It reduced the annual limit on residential development from 125 to 75 units per year, i.e. 40%; It added an exemption for residential…

Who has the best cell phone coverage on the Coastside?

January 23, 2006
I use Sprint. It has an antenna at MWSD so the coverage extends up into parts of Devils Slide and all along Highway 1 -except at the north endo of the highway. I do not get coverage at Farallone View School - but do get it up most of Sunshine Valley Rd and at Montara Creek on Harte St. and a little on portions of Alamo St. I got very good reception when on the ocean when sailing from HMB up through the Golden Gate. There are long stretches between HMB and Santa Cruz with no coverage. I've considered…

Photo: Monarch butterflies wintering in Santa Cruz

December 03, 2005
I would point out they are roosting in a eucalyptus tree. Obviously they do have habitat value. I have seen absolutely beautiful swams just like this in the eucs at the north east side ot the CUSD parcel in N El Granada. Kathryn

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