Comments by Kathryn Slater-Carter

Patridge, Grady, and Ferreira elected to HMB City Council

November 10, 2005
It is my understanding the biggest part of the city budget is related to wages and benefits for employees. As I recall some pretty hefty raises were negotiated about 5 years ago in anticipation of the Ritz TOT's.

Some Coastsiders get to make larger political contributions than others

November 08, 2005
It appears the No More Delays PAC is yet another name for past PACs like CQL. Why can't they keep a consistent identity? I give them credit for a sense of irony ...2 members could not bring themselves to vote in favor of a resolution for a middle school that will cost far less than the Wavecrest School and take far less time to complete. The CCWD board delayed giving the Coastal Commission the information it needed to approve the pipeline. CUSD past and present Ruth Palmer Ken Jones Charles Gardner…

Let’s buy the Review a clue

January 21, 2005
Eat Shoots and Leaves, by Lynne Truss The title refers to the "Panda" entry in a poorly punctuated wildlife manual that, if believed, indicates the panda is truly to be feared, especially after eating. Truss, a self-described "punctuation stickler," has written a humorous but helpful guide that was a surprise best-seller in England. A fun read.

Judge implies county’s petition count wasn’t impartial, delays case

July 26, 2004
I am curious about the headline. I did not hear that specific point made by Judge Holm. The case was delayed so the opposing attorney could submit written briefs. Terry Gossett and Jeff Allen spent time on the witness stand claiming that observers of the protest petition counting process in favor of the MROSD district expansion had created their own records of protest signatories. However, Terry Gossett testified that he had kept a data base of all the signed petitions. As a result of creating the…

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