Comments by Joe Toschik

Would you believe Thursday July 22nd?

Coastside beaches to be closed in budget deal

July 21, 2009
People are still going to use the beaches. So if the parking lots are locked that means way more on - street parking headaches. In addition there are safety, security,and trash collection concerns. We, as a community, are going to have to address these. Thank you Sacramento!!!

Coastside election results

November 10, 2007
I was an inspector at Precinct 3314, one of those at the Pillar Ridge clubhouse. We were open throughout the power outage and people voted using paper ballots until we were able to bring the machines up on battery power. There was no outside lighting until our technicians parked their truck with its headlights shining on the stairs. Later on a firetruck came and lit up the place with spotlights until power was restored. Joe Toschik