Comments by Michelle Walford

HMB loses $36 million judgement

November 30, 2007
I used to work as a word processor in the litigation department for an extremely large San Francisco law firm, a firm in which Judge Walker was then a partner. He was one of the few attorneys who treated the staff with respect and was always pleasant to us. That being said, he was and is also extremely conservative and pro-corporate. We had mega corporations as clients. There was one rather appalling project that the litigation department worked on for a mining corporation that set forth the opinion…

Three Coastsiders guessed the day the Slide would open

August 02, 2006
The real prize for everyone is that the Slide is opening! I picked the date, apparently miscalculating the number of days by 3 (not having had my prerequisite early morning gallon of coffee), to coincide with my birthday. It seemed like it would be a really great birthday present -- and it still is. Congratulations Alan!

Letter: Sign and distribute a petition to Trader Joe’s

June 25, 2006
Stephanie, I signed the petition today on 6/25 at Oceanshore Hardware (in the back near the garden section). I thought there would be someone at the El Granada post office, but there wasn't this Saturday.

Letter: Sign and distribute a petition to Trader Joe’s

June 18, 2006
Frank Long has an economic interest in not having Trader Joe's here. I think his protests have more to do with the potential of him losing business. Sorry Frank, I've tried to patronize your health food store on a number of occasions and your prices are just too high. Trader Joes will eat into your profits, but I just can't afford to buy my vitamens and supplements at your store. We need a place for the average person to be able to buy affordable food, vitamens, etc. Trader Joes will fill that need…

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 07, 2006
I agree with Mikey. The local economy here has suffered with the closure of Devil's Slide and spike in fuel costs, mainly because it has been geared to attract the almighty tourist/visitor dollar. We need basic necessities such as affordable places to buy clothing, shoes, etc.

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 06, 2006
About a year ago (and this may not still be true) I was talking to a Trader Joe's manager in Daly City. I was told that Trader Joe's owned a controlling interest in Albertsons. Given the merry-go-round of corporate acquisitions, that may still not be the case, but it would bode well for a Trader Joe's here in HMB if it were still true. To Lisa McKenzie -- what was the contact number at Trader Joe's headquarters? If a lot of us called it might help. I've also talked to store managers at Mollie Stone's…

Abandoned house in Half Moon Bay catches fire

May 04, 2006
I am very curious about this house. Who actually owns it? This house was pretty much in the same shape 10 years ago when we first moved down here (that is pre-fire). It is a very old house and probably has historical value. (I love one of the old garden roses planted by it. I do hope that someone makes cuttings of it if the site is ever developed.)

Traffic is flowing well Monday morning

April 17, 2006
We still really need buses for the high school. Most of the cars are single student cars driving up the hill and parents with only one child in the car. This morning it took me 45 minutes to come down the hill from the high school and get onto Highway 1. There could be shuttle buses to pick up kids dropped off at the foot of the high school hill.

School District temporarily changes schedule and adds bus during closure

April 07, 2006
Friday morning was only about 1/2 hour from El Granada to the high school. It was another half an hour just trying to get down the hill. One of the things that I could not help but notice as I was sitting at a standstill, was the number of single driver cars (i.e., students, many driving large vehicles that could seat 6) driving up the hill. Also amazing was the number of parents with only one student passenger driving up the hill. I drive at least one other student (and sometimes 2-3 extras) besides…