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Albertsons closing in HMB

June 11, 2006
Someone suggested a Chavez Market previously. That struck me as a good idea. I'm glad Peter Farrell has brought up the hispanic community. Also the displaced employees. How many of them live here and would be joining the jam going over the hill?

Coastsiders can vote now, if they like

May 24, 2006
Also, poll workers are needed on election day. Go to the online application at Poll Work Form Do it now, before you forget. It's a long day, but [i]very interesting! Think of all the people you will meet! And they pay you, too!

Opinion: Fear of Foothill

May 23, 2006
Steve Skinner said (of Don Bacon)... You wrote: “...Foothill could only occur if “hundreds of new homes” are thrown into the deal.  That doesn’t have to happen, if the City firmly negotiates with the developers in the interests of its citizenry.” I would just like to point out a problem with Mr. Skinners "quote". If one will take the time to go back to Mr. Bacon's actual words (and I'll do it here, but urge readers to please scroll up to see for themselves...) one will see that he was…

Opinion: Fear of Foothill

May 21, 2006
Referring to Mr. Lansings concerns about Foothill being "a package deal that comes with two new subdivisions" that would generate additional traffic... Mr Bacon said something about there having been a traffic study: The Coastal Commission confirmed that Ailanto’s traffic studies showed, even without other planned 92/Main/1 improvements, that “significant traffic impacts could be avoided if access to the project site were provided via either Foothill Boulevard or a combination of both Foothill…

Coastside Community First revives Foothill Blvd project

May 06, 2006
In response to Dan Blick who feels there are too many cars and that a solution, in part, might be a bus service that he would start if he didn't enjoy his day job so much... Certainly a convenient on time service covering a wide area might get people out of their cars. Has anyone explored the reason why Sam Trans doesn't offer more service on the coast? Mr. Blick also says (and I agree) that we haven't even begun to explore the possibililtes. Rethinking Foothill is a possibility. Why not examine…

New Coastside organizations will promote “infrastructure sensitive to the environment”

May 02, 2006
Correction: Nathan Serdy, not Seerdy. Addition: Stephen Wilson is Secretary. I am one of the directors of CCF. If anyone is curious about me they can check out my blog at A picture and a little about me is at

HMB City Council does the right thing (and gets same result)

March 22, 2006
"And everything after the first paragraph is more opinion than news." Thanks for making that clear! That's something much of the media does not do.

HMB City Council video is no longer available on Coastsider

March 07, 2006
This may be a silly suggestion but... Why don't folks just attend the meetings in person? They are announced ahead of time aren't they? What did we do before video and online streaming?

More farmers opting out of Williamson Act farmland protections

December 16, 2005
The Chron article you referenced gives the wrong impression about the automatic renewal of Williamson Act contracts. It states: "If an owner does nothing at the end of 10 years, the contract automatically renews for another decade. Counties are reimbursed by the state for the lost property tax revenue." It is my understanding that the contract automatically renews each year, extending out for 10 years into the future. Because of this, farmers who wish to get out of the contract must either give notice…

Coastal Commission staff spanks Midcoast LCP update

December 06, 2005
Interesting. As a local group notes (about the furor over the update): "It is an old saw of policymaking that if all the conflicting interest groups have something to complain about, the policymakers must be on the right track. That is certainly true here, and explains why the two MidCoast political extremes, ‘no-growth’ and ‘pro-growth,’ both feel betrayed." See it here.

Supervisors will discuss their “vision for the Midcoast” Tuesday morning

April 26, 2005
Readers might want to take a look at this response from CPR, a local organization that is trying to represent a middle ground. Discussion of the "Principles" (a letter to the Board of Supervisors) is here with an addition appendix of comments here. Lengthy, but isn't it good to look at an alternate perspective?

MROSD splits the coastside between two wards

November 10, 2004
I'm one of those isolated southcoast troublemakers, I guess. I attended the MROSD meeting and observed the directors as they made their decision. Based on input from the workshops and online poll, they eliminated the scenarios that split the coastside into three or four wards. So the decision was to be--should the coastside become a part of one ward or two? One of the LAFCo conditions was that the redistricting be completed by a certain date in December (that I failed to take note of...) so there…

Judge grants a restraining order in petition count

July 14, 2004
Doesn't anyone do math these days? All the news reports I've seen so far claim that 5340 signatures were turned in and that 34% were found to be "invalid" or some such thing. What is 34% of 5340? It's 1816. Huh? The articles say that 1757 were determined to be invalid. There's a simple answer. The 5340 signature figure included the "property owner assessed valuation" signatures.That was a whole different signature gathering effort, although it was accomplished by the same folks. These signatures…

Coastside wetlands may soon be declared as crucial red-legged frog habitat—comments close July 14

June 30, 2004
Actually, the complete proposal can be found at You then need to enter in the search term "red legged frog" and the first result should be "Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Proposed" which you can either view at HTML or download as a PDF. I'd give a direct link but I'm not sure it would work.

Coastside wetlands may soon be declared as crucial red-legged frog habitat—comments close July 14

June 30, 2004
The link to the Sentinal article doesn't go into as much depth (IMHO) as this one in the Hollister Freelance (It affects San Benito County also.): I had a hard time finding the text of the proposal. How are we supposed to comment on something we haven't read? I was about to email to an address given in one of the articles when I came across this on the web. I believe is is the proposal: or if that breaks try the tinyurl version…

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