Comments by Joe Loomis

Fire boards vote to negotiate contract with CDF

August 19, 2006
I just watched the Joint Fire Board Meeting video where the vote was to contract with CDF (California Department of Forestry). I think the Coastsider is doing a magnificent job in informing the public about public affairs and the video feature is an excellent addition to the education process. My vision as a former Pt. Montara Board Member 10 years ago was to consolidate the two fire districts and provide consolidated emergency services to the entire coastside. I'm glad we finally made it. I hope…

Editorial:  It’s time to solve the Coastside’s firefighting mess

July 21, 2006
Barry, I also agree completely with your editorial. It has been almost 10 years since initial positive steps were taken by two neighboring and (at that time cooperating) fire boards to provide combined fire and emergency services to the coastside. It made sense at that time. It makes more sense now. It started with contracting for management services for Pt. Montara Fire District from the Half Moon Bay Fire District and then proceeded to transferring all of Pt. Montara’s employees to the Half Moon…

Coastsider endorses Vince Williams, Ginny McShane for Point Montara Fire District

October 25, 2005
My original comments were included in the accidental deletion. Suffice it to say I support Vince Williams. I do not support Ginny McShane. Joe Loomis Moss Beach

Fire consolidation process in progress

September 11, 2005
I echo Vince William's remarks and concerns. I have been attending Pt. Montara and Half Moon Bay Fire District meetings for over two years. I am thoroughly disappointed with the behavior of our current Pt. Montara Fire Board. A change on our Board is needed if we are to stop the bickering between these two fire districts and move forward in the interest of the safety of lives and property in our community. Our present Board has lost sight of the fact that delivery of emergency services, and not petty…