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Some Coastsiders get to make larger political contributions than others

November 07, 2005
For a reasonable explanation of what a grassroots movement is, I suggest you check out Wikipedia's article entitled Grassroots Democracy. (There is also a link to an explanation of "vested interests, for those who can't differentiate.) I can also attest to the grassroots nature of LCP, as well as that of its philosophical predecessor, Neighbors Alliance, which had its heydey in the 1990s in the Arleta Park neighborhood of HMB. LCP has simply managed…

Some Coastsiders get to make larger political contributions than others

November 07, 2005
It's odd to see complaints about VotC publishing partisan viewpoints, in the absence of seeting the same complaints about the Review, Coastsider, and any other publication. It seems that the resentment is really aimed at the grassroots League for Coastside Protection movement. Voice of the Coast is a much-needed counter to the Review, and I, for one, very much hope that it continues. Citizens deserve a voice in their own community. And the more publications we have available - both in print and online…

Accident on Highway 1 in Moss Beach/Montara kills one, seriously injures another

July 27, 2005
I believe that we ought to alter Highway 1 in a very simple way to reduce the chance of tragic accidents like this, and that it can be achieved at a very low cost, and very much in keeping with the rural character of the coastside. For almost the entire length of the coastside, Caltrans owns a pretty wide right of way along the highway. Why not simply separate the northbound and southbound lane by a fairly wide, grassy median? This would do two things: reduce the chance of head-on collisions, and…

Comcast restores FM radio service

June 23, 2005
I have generally found that a pleasant phone call to the Investor Relations department of any sizable public company gets you on the phone with a friendly and capable person who will understand your desire to find out who to contact about your issue, and who will reliably get back to you with the contact info. For some reason, companies that have long ago ceased to care what their customers think of them still seem to care what shareholders think of them. And I have never been grilled about my shareholdings…

The Review apologizes and promises reveal the identity of anonymous advertiser

November 04, 2004
While I accept as sincere the apology and sentiments of Review Managing Editor Clay Lambert, I do not expect improvement without strong and continuous public pressure. The Publisher of the Review, Debra Godshall, has befriended people with very aggressive agendas for growth - far in excess of the current City and County Plans, and in violation of various rules and agreements in all too many cases - and has personally commited the Review in editorial after editorial to throwing out most of the current…

Why won’t the anonymous authors of this ad identify themselves?

October 27, 2004
The business interests that put building Wavecrest ahead of education and all other public policy goals are experts at the politics of personal destruction. I can personally attest that Jonathan Lundell has spent considerable time over the last three years familiarizing himself with local educational issues and has become commited to making the local schools better educationally, as well as financially. He has supported numerous CUSD efforts to raise money via parcel taxes, and has worked with people…

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