Comments by Len Erickson

Storms erode beach at new Marine Reserve steps

January 05, 2011
On a low tide visit to the stairs and beach on January 4, the access to the stairs appeared in good order.

Planning Commission postpones Big Wave hearing to Weds, Nov 17

October 27, 2010
The statement about the deadline for submission of Big Wave comments to the Planning Commission needs clarification. The November 10 deadline is only to insure that comments are included in a print copy of comments that will be prepared by the planning staff and given to the commission. Comments received later, either hard or soft copy, will still be received by the commission as valid comments up to the day of the meeting and in fact until the public hearing is formally closed.

MCC holding Supervisor candidate forum, Wednesday

April 26, 2010
The Candidate Forum for Supervisor - District 3 will be broadcast live on MCTV Channel 6. The start time is 7:30pm.

Traffic and Trails - Report and next steps, Weds

February 22, 2010
Wednesday is the correct day of week. The MPRC site is corrected.

Trails and Traffic workshop begins with Coastsiders setting their own priorities

June 26, 2009
The video of the first session is available Friday night on MCTV. Check the schedule: