Comments by Sofia Freer

Coastsider endorses Leland Yee for state senate

May 27, 2006
Mr. Yee is the only senate candidate in our district who has made frequent visits to the coastside. Earlier this year he spoke at numerous neighborhood "coffees". None of these events were fundraisers. While all District 8 Senate candidates were invited to participate in the debates at the Midcoast Community Council meeting, Mr. Yee was the only Democrat who cared enough to attend. Apparently he believes we coastsiders have important issues in spite of our relatively low number of voters. I have…

Opinion:  Foothill Bypass, Part III: We can’t afford it

May 11, 2006
Let’s not let CCF’s attempt to resurrect the ill-fated and ill-advised Foothill Blvd. bypass divert us from pursuing realistic solutions to our traffic woes. Residents of northern Half Moon Bay and the Mid-coast know all too well that gridlock on Hwy1. north of 92 was a fact of life even before the Devil’s Slide closure. In fact, it was at the top of residents’ concerns prior to the Nov municipal election. As Mr. Ferreira points out, none of the improvements planned or contemplated for Hwy…

Coastside Community First revives Foothill Blvd project

May 05, 2006
Foothill Blvd. Fantasy Following is the opinion piece I submitted to the Review before the newly formed Pac sprung a surprise at the May 2 City council Meeting with their 7-color brochure promoting a new abbreviated version of Foothill Blvd. The editor of the Review claimed to have insufficient space to include my comments in May 3 issue. Dear Editor, Anyone who has been listening to public comment at recent HMB City Council meetings or reading letters to the Review must be aware that since the Devil’s…

Volunteers needed to help the snowy plovers at Half Moon Bay State Beach

February 15, 2006
I've been involved with the Plover Watch program for 4 years and have found it to be a very rewarding experience. Species protection, fresh ocean breezes, great views, talking to school kids, interacting with interested visitors, and a bunch of really great people to work with - what more can one wish for? Sofia Freer

Debate heats up on proposal to restructure HMB Planning Commission

January 10, 2006
In spite of my advanced age, I cling to the naïve notion that facts and logic should guide people’s actions, especially in the public arena. So where is the logic in wasting time and money on an unnecessary ordinance change when the provision for replacing planning commissioners without cause is clearly spelled out in the present ordinance? In makes even less sense in view of Mayor Frasier’s latest suggestion that “we should give 5 planning commissioners a try for a year to see how the process…

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