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Weather Service forecasts .78 meter tsunami for Coastside

March 11, 2011
Full map is here: San Mateo County's alert system is here:

Weather Service forecasts .78 meter tsunami for Coastside

March 11, 2011
Just got a phone call at 6am from Cabrillio Unified School District that school is closed today due to the tsunami warning.

San Mateo County & CA on Tsunami ‘watch’ not ‘warning’

March 11, 2011
NOAA's website still has us (HMB and the rest of N. CA) under a Tsunami Warning: According to the prediction models at it looks like HMB will see a .87 meter rise, but the tide level should be around 1-2 feet in a couple hours, so it seems like it'll be measurable here, but not cause damage.

The Supervisors must stop treating the Midcoast like a colony

January 12, 2009
Leonard, Barry -- to the naive and uninitiated (like me), I'd love to know what changes incorporation would bring to our community. Our most visible public services include our schools, fire, sheriff, water, sewage, and parks (and I'm sure I'm missing others). I understand that building codes are state and locally determined, and I'm sure there are other legislative effects from local ordinances. How would these (and other) services be concretely affected? What are some expected benefits and likely…

Album: Halloween Parade 2008

October 20, 2008
Thanks so much for taking these! A bunch of the portraits you took just sparkle.

Caltrans will hold next public update in Pacifica on May 10 

May 09, 2006
We're in Caltrans District 4, and I found an email form on their website. (below) Here's what I sent: I just read on that Caltrans will be holding the next public update on Devil's Slide in Pacifica on May 10. Pacifica residents are, by and large, unaffected by the slide closure, and the normally 30-minute drive from Montara or El Granada to Pacifica via HWY 92 is currently doubled or tripled due to traffic conjestion. Could you perhaps move the meeting…

Let’s build a community calendar for the Coastside

May 08, 2006
Google calendar's public-URL-import functionality is quite effectively hidden from the casual observer. If you can't find the "subscribe" form, first get a google mail account, then 1) Go to 2) On the left-hand side, under "My Calendars" and "Other Calendars", there's a "Manage calendars" link. Clicking that will take you to the "Calendar Settings" page. 3) Click the "Calendars" tab 4) In the "Other Calendars" section, click "Add calendar" 5) Click the "Public Calendar…

Album: Devil’s Slide on the move

April 05, 2006
CaliforniaCoastline has some pictures of Montara Mountain from the air as well. Here's a direct link with historical comparisons of the slide. Thanks for all the work you do, Barry! Perhaps now would be a good time to remind people of the free service of