Comments by Chuck Baldwin

AT&T withdraws cell tower application after packed MCC meeting

September 27, 2010
Where do the "5 bars" come from then?

Thunderstorms, Lightning & Road-Rocks

January 20, 2010
At 8:50AM the traffic was moving so slow it was almost stopped between Linda Mar and the rest of Pacifica, but I couldn't figure out what caused the extreme slowdown. Didn't see anything at all... and Devil's Slide was fine too.

Thunderstorms, Lightning & Road-Rocks

January 19, 2010
Eww, that sucks! But thanks for the reminder to drive reasonably slow and keep a look out for rocks in the road.

Salmon catch likely to be cut to the bone

April 13, 2006
I love fish, seafood, and fishing. I'm an avid recreational fisherman myself. But humans have removed some 90% of the oceans' biomass since the 1950's. The fish will NOT live at anything near the rate we are consuming them now. The fishing industry has been killing itself off for years. I would much rather see the fishing industry die than BOTH the fishing industry and the biodiversity of the sea just to eake a few more years out of the industry. Time to go back to school, vocational school, retire,…

How good a neighbor is Mavericks?

February 10, 2006
Five of these competitions have gone on since 2000. That's a good deal of time to figure out a way to protect the seaside. How can local authorities help the Maverick's organizers manage all these people? Whose real responsibilty is it? I doubt that the private organizers have any jurisdiction or authority over the public coast. So maybe some signage might help: Do not walk on the reef / Do not climb on the side of the cliff / If you fall you will die and/or take someone else out too. But I doubt…