Comments by Deborah Lardie

GGNRA plans to ban all dogs from Rancho Corral de Tierra;  Protest meeting Saturday

January 28, 2011
I wonder if the organizers of the protest have spoken to GGNRA? Rangers have been at recent MCC meetings to discuss the transition. They explained that the dccument in question is required to comply with Federal Law thus the apparent "ban". In reality they will be writing use regulations that could include dogs on leash in the park. I do not agree with making the north end of Montara into an official off-leash area. We already have plenty of dogs there without inviting the rest of the Bay Area to…

GGNRA plans to ban all dogs from Rancho Corral de Tierra;  Protest meeting Saturday

January 27, 2011
This is NOT TRUE- the headline is misleading and inflammatory. Dogs are to be on a leash in the park.

Caltrans plans “punch-through” event at tunnel, Fri, Oct 1

October 01, 2010
Actually it is not just about politics- one of the benefits of governmental community service is getting invited to governmental events...

What is the Midcoast Community Council?

September 12, 2009
"Darin makes a good suggestion above,” that the MCC should behave in a more business-like manner.” I’d reduce it to one word, decorum." Hmmmm- does this mean no more hissy-fits, name-calling and browbeating???

What is the Midcoast Community Council?

September 08, 2009
The agenda was physically posted on Saturday at the legally required location and at the local post offices. Darin maybe you could find out what the facts are before you start claiming Brown Act violations. When council members start respecting repeated requests for time limits and staying on topic we will see a change in the MCC meetings. This would be a good start to more effective meetings. I fail to see how the existance of the MCC is a hinderace to anyone starting an advocacy organization. What…

Letter: Contrary to claims, Sharp Park is economically viable

May 14, 2009
I was in the Sharp Park clubhouse today and noticed a sign inviting club users to come to a meeting to fight impending closure. I asked the bartender in the lounge what this was all about and he replied that the enviromentalists were trying to close the club because they (the club) were supposedly running over frogs or some such thing. I said that I thought the issue had something to do with finances and he said this was not true the club was making money. There seems to be a lot of confusion about…

Water as a sustainable coastal resource, film and discussion, Thursday

May 03, 2009
Is he able to answer questions on the status of current issues with the MSWD water supply and future development such as the study that was recently released by the county?

Water as a sustainable coastal resource, film and discussion, Thursday

May 03, 2009
I am wondering why MSWD is not participating on this panel?

Understanding Big Wave: Lots of parking

February 10, 2009
Big Wave is really small potatoes- this area is zoned for maximum height of 75 feet. This is six stories! What were they thinking?

Video: Understanding the Big Wave development in Princeton

February 08, 2009
The current Facilites Plan states that the site is being actively farmed and has two fields with rotating crops. It also states in the comment section of a summary report in the back that agricultural land is exempt from environmental regulations.

Letter: Abandoned bunny needs a home

January 10, 2009
Actually, the bunny ran away and is again running around the outback of Montara. We could not catch him but will take him back if anyone else does...

Letter: Thanks to the pilots who flew over today….......

September 22, 2008
"We don’t have the salt marshes, on the coast, for the aircraft to fly over as they do in San Carlos." We have a lot of open space the planes could fly over - they do not need to fly over the residents of Montara and Moss Beach when turning to the east upon take off...

Letter: Thanks to the pilots who flew over today….......

September 22, 2008
Being next to the airport does not necessarily mean one is in the flight path and one can be nowhere near the airport and still be in the flight path and subject to the continuous drone of touch and go flights. This is noise pollution and the residents should not be subject to it for the profit of the flight schools. Coastside residents deserve the same noise standards that the San Carlos residents have for their airport. We do not have them at this time as the County has not updated the ordinance…

Letter: Just a thought

September 07, 2008
It is naive to assume that because a box is checked on a real estate disclosure form, and that a buyer can observe an airport, they are aware of the extent of potential noise from aircraft. Although aware of the airport when I purchased my home in Montara four years ago, I had no idea that pilots would be allowed to buzz our community with "touch and go's" over and over again. THIS was not disclosed to me nor was it evident from the presence of an airport. The unfortunate residents who happen to…

Aircraft over Montara

June 26, 2008
Regarding my comment on changes to the map- airport management (Don) said, a couple of weeks ago, that they would change the map the next time they produced copies of it. In retrospect I think they should change it immediately. They also said they would change it on the website. I intend to follow up with him on this.

Aircraft over Montara

June 25, 2008
Until recently Montara was not even designated as a noise "sensative" area on the map the airport distributes to pilots. This has been changed due to the efforts of a couple of residents who feel that the airport administration is not enforcing the noise abatement proceedures. The Midcoast Community Council will be addressing this issue at a forum in the near future. I will be contacting you offline to discuss this in more depth.

Supervisor Gordon suggests MCC has “outlived its usefulness”

February 08, 2008
MCC outlived usefulness? A view from the other side of the table. As a newly elected member of the MCC, I thought I would throw in my rather belated two cents here- When I ran for a seat on the Council it was with the, rather naïve as it turns out, thought of filling a need for participants. As a relative newcomer to the coast I had little history and few preconceived notions about the Council- I saw what it was intended to be. What I have been experiencing, as Vince aptly described, is at times…