Comments by Benjamin Grant

Help support rescue rings at Montara Beach

June 29, 2011
that's excellent re: discount. i had already ordered 2 more when i posted that. they arrived yesterday so there's a ring on the south end again now. i'll email you shortly.

Miramar area DSL problems

September 01, 2010
Michael, I had AT&T copper in my previous place but it was close to the CO and we had really good DSL throughput via DSLExtreme. I was also told the copper was fairly new-ish. Apart from the condition of the wires and the CO distance itself I can offer you anecdotal input on the service level / QoS issue in general: AT&T tends to suck even if the copper is good and you're close to the CO, compared to the QoS you'll get from going through a different network provider. If what you're dealing with is…

Pacifica DUI checkpoint

August 30, 2010
"Why is it okay that I am detained from lawful and private activities just because there MIGHT be a drunk driver on the road" Consider that driving on a public road is probably not regarded by law and enforcement as a private activity. The concept of DUI checkpoints doesn't bother me or the original writer here apparently, but there are issues with law enforcement attempting to compel the forfeiture of identity, documentation, and/or ones vehicle, when its done in an absence of probable cause. This…

Animal entrapment in Montara

August 21, 2010
My first guess would be it was set for a raccoon or skunk... ? What was it baited with?

Please support fireworks on the Coastside in 2011

July 23, 2010
Its just too damn likely to be foggy/overcast on July 4th around here, for me to support the idea of raising $50k for a show. Even when we get a sunny afternoon this time of year, its unlikely to be clear in the evening. Much as I wish it were otherwise... it isn't.

We need a way to cross Highway 1 safely in Moss Beach and Montara

December 11, 2009
Seems to me 35mph would be appropriate. 45/50 feels too fast for the area.

Montara Life Rings, Stolen Again?

November 12, 2009
Replacements are OTW, they'll go up with some signage imploring folks not to nick them, as well.

Peace breaks out at Pillar Point

October 28, 2009
Yeah. Totally ruins the artifical glory of Vandenberg's monopulse tracking radar station. And distracts from that gorgeous riprap seawall. What next? Pink plastic wrap for the Montara lighthouse? Oh snap...

Life rings have been placed at Montara State Beach

September 28, 2009
One of the life rings on the south end vanished a couple weeks ago. It has been replaced. A third has been added, placed on the staircase at the north end.