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Scott Singer… we’ll miss you.

November 06, 2009
Scott Singer's family is having a memorial in the afternoon for Scott at his house, this Sunday, November 8, starting at noon and ending at 4:00. There is no service for Scott as he was cremated last week. Annette, Scott's mom, would really appreciate those of us who loved him to stop by and talk to her. They will provide light refreshments. Dana

Scott Singer… we’ll miss you.

November 01, 2009
For those of you who did not know Scott Singer, he was an original Neighbors' Alliance member and a staunch environmentalist. Scott left us suddenly on Tuesday morning, October 27, from complications due to diabetes. He was the care taker of his mom, Annette, who still lives at his home. He has two siblings in town and a niece. Scott was a great personal friend to me. His wit, generosity, larger-than-life self is greatly missed. Scott was an example of how to live life with a dramatic joy of which…

Protest CCWD’s excessive water rate increases in writing by Tuesday July 14 

July 11, 2009
I wonder why the increase has to be such a whopping percentage all at once. If CCWD BoD's insist that the rate is appropriate, perhaps they should slowly scale the double digit rate of 12 % increase over time - give people an opportunity to adjust to their own budgets for household, landscaping usage. I don't know what other districts do, but I doubt the percentage is so staggering. $1.85 per hundred cubic feet to $3.99 is huge.

Public warning about stranded sea lions

July 11, 2009
Interestng the Marine Mammal people got there so quickly. We found a malnourished sea lion pup which had crawled from the water, through the beach, up the bluffs and onto the trail around the Poplar area. Marine Mammals was so inundated with requests that they actually said they couldn't make it down to HMB. We only have one volunteer here with the netting and the signs to make a space large enough to protect the mammal. This one got spooked, but made it back to the ocean. It was actually just resting.…

Jerry Hill drops AB650

June 22, 2009
The minute our highly paid attorneys were told by the majority of our city council that bankruptcy was not on the table, HMB's S&P ratings were too high, and the city was solvent (thanks to the city staff layoffs), of course we weren't going to get any money from Sacramento. This action shouldn't surprise anyone.

Letter: Stay at least 100 yards away from whales

June 18, 2009
There are a number of sea lion and elephant seal pups hauling out down at the south end of Poplar. One even made it all the way up to the trail. Please, keep your dogs on leashes and away from these animals. Stay 200 yds away yourselves. It sometimes takes the Marine Mammal Center a few hours to get down here, so we posted people at a decent perimeter to protect the sea lion pup this morning from dogs off leash and people who want a close look see. There is a hefty fine for getting within the 200…

HMB approves $15 million bond, but not without acrimony

June 18, 2009
Just to make the number really clear, the "interim" city manager got an increase of $48,000. That's just an increase from his base salary. That isn't the only increase given to our "contract" employees at the last City Council meeting at the last minute. I wish I had the numbers the city saved when they laid off all of those city hall employees a few months ago. Remember, the people who live in this town and now have no jobs? The last city mananger received an increase also, the day before she quit.…

Video: MCTV director accuses SAM director of conflict of interest

January 31, 2009
There was actually a lot of support for the changing of the guard at the last 2008 MCTV board election meeting. Too bad it was so difficult to get the vote into the taped up mail slot at their office. An interesting way to acquire new business; insult a SAM board member before the vote.

Letter: Conflict at the MCC

January 26, 2009
Pretty much boils down to a couple of things: Supervisor Gordon doesn't like the advice he gets from some, and would be, MCC members. He can fix that by making all the appointments to MCC with midcoasters who won't tell him the truth, or be representative. Ric Lohman tells the truth and is representative, so should be appointed. I was under the impression that the "conflict of interest" issue was handled by County legal in a letter to Terry Gossett; as in there isn't a conflict.

Yee offers HMB $10 million bill to put park on Beachwood

August 20, 2008
The unprecedented volley of opposition by state-wide environmental organizations, both big and small, is a major reason for AB 1991's timely dismissal. Let us not forget the letter writing campaigns to our legislators that came from our hearts. My belief in grass roots movements and those passionate protectors of the Coastal Act has been upheld. Thank you Senator Yee, and your staff, for protecting the place in which we live.

HMB announces Beachwood settlement decision with note tacked to bulletin board

March 28, 2008
I dropped in on the pre-closed session meeting on Thursday night at 6:00 and have never seen so many glum faces. Add to the fact that the city announced to us that they decided to authorize a settlement on a bulletin board like a little post-it bodes poorly for the outcome. Since I was actively for appealing this judgment, the above statements indicate to me that I'm not going to like the settlement but then again, we don't necessarily have to accept it. And then again, neither does Yamagiwa. If…

UPDATE: Coastsider’s technical difficulties

December 07, 2007
Hi Barry: I've found that with my cell phone, television and computer, kicking them really hard updates everything. With your camera used for council taping, I've found just dropping it does the trick! Carry on, Dana

City and Chamber welcome Peet’s with official ribbon-cutting

October 24, 2007
I hope this new chain store will use recyclable merchandize to serve their drinks in unlike Jamba Juice who is still using styrofoam (despite some public protest). If you want to feel really bad about the environment and be reminded how little some people care, walk by Jamba Juice on an afterschool afternoon and notice the overflowing trash cans of non-recycled containers - all landfill. I noticed Allied Waste received a commendation on using biodiesel, but do they have a contract with HMB to recycle…

CCWD director sends anonymous hate mail to HMB planning commissioner

August 30, 2007
How can an anonymous, profane, insane hand scrawled note from an elected official to an appointed official be determined as "much ado about nothing?" I have personally witnessed Chris Mickelson's erratic behavior at City Council meetings. When I complained to one of our City Council Members, she replied that "he is just a bad boy." This sounds as if his own colleagues dismiss him as an embarrassment and have recently been successful in keeping him on a short leash and out of the cameras sight and…

The Review’s publisher is confused about park financing, democracy

June 15, 2007
Thanks Debra for giving us yet another reason not to read the Review. More thanks to John Lynch for getting off his duff. I got off my duff also to gather signatures and received a tremendous amount of support for the 21 acre park with both ACTICE and PASSIVE uses. I'm glad to say that the Review doesn't reflect the voice of the community I care to call home. It seems to me that the City Council needs to understand that a huge number of the residents in town want the city to keep the 21 acres we…

Coastside fights global warming with a Montara beach party

April 15, 2007
Thank you Julie for organizing "stepitupnow2007" on the coastside. I appreciate the 10 % of people like you who actually do something which brings matters to our attention in such a positive manner. Remarkable to me that religion and politics came into play. Actually, not remarkable, just ridiculous that some of the 90% who decide to do nothing, choose to argue the subject without having any facts. So, why do we make statements back, unless it's just for pure fun. It's okay with me if Mr. Perkins…

Coastsiders working to save local coffee and chai shop from replacement by chain

February 02, 2007
Bring it up during oral communications. A lot of high school kids are extremely upset about losing Raman's, as are many adults, so I'm sure we'll have plenty of speakers, hopefully some with solutions. And I have to say Mike, some of those comments were a laugh out loud - a little refreshing change.

Coastsiders working to save local coffee and chai shop from replacement by chain

February 02, 2007
As funny as all of the above is, I don't understand why the Nerhan family wants such "crap" in our community. Since their family is part of our town, why wouldn't Keet consider what is appropriate for our town, perhaps in atonement for the "megamall" disaster he saddled the midcoast with, hence the entire coastside. Any possiblity of his changing his mind would be great. And, years ago, we were promised large trees to mitigate the Holiday Inn Express. Still waiting for those big bushes! Dana Kimsey

Video: HMB Planning Commission questions city’s sale of land

January 30, 2007
I have no objections to closed sessions regarding the selling of real estate parcels to individuals, but when the individual wanting to buy a HMB parcel is an elected official, it seems to me that the whole transaction should be as transparent as possible. After the price is established, what else needs to be withheld from the public in closed session? The community needs to know that city parcels being sold to our city officials is on the up and up so extra diligence should be taken. The public…

VIDEO: HMB City Council considers Terrace Ave plan, no-light alternative

November 26, 2006
The nuances of the differences between the two stories are insignificant to most, but perhaps not to scholars of English literature. Thanks to Walt Disney, the themes to the two stories are considered to be the same and interchangeable. You missed the point, though. Let me try without a cute story: Pro-growth interests are using wetlands along Hwy 1 as an excuse to eliminate a stop light which in turn will foster more development. Environmentalists are taking a look at improving infrastructure in…

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