Comments by Dana Kimsey

VIDEO: HMB City Council considers Terrace Ave plan, no-light alternative

November 26, 2006
Does everyone remember the book "Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll, aka "Alice in Wonderland"? Does the Light at Terrace Avenue and widening of Hwy 1 to be paid for by the developers strike a chord among some of our city council members? As I recall, Naomi and Bonnie campaigned for improvements such as these and now we're in a fantastic land where everything is reversed. The Mad Hatter had something to say about things like this; the developers seem to be championing wetlands whle environmemtalists…

Come help Coastsider clean Highway 1 in Montara Saturday

November 15, 2006
I'll be there also, Barry. The sharks and the mermaid from the Francis State Park cleanup have retired for awhile. Dana

David Gorn resigns from HMB City Council

June 14, 2006
Brian: We all know that David Gorn was appointed to the City Council, and my suggestion remains the same, another even handed representative like David was, hopefully via an election. Not to rehash old stuff, but considering that the recently elected city council wanted "balance" on the planning commission and got it, I think it is reasonable to ask that the vacant city council seat be an offset to the current majority and support David's constituency. This could be an opportunity to help both political…

David Gorn resigns from HMB City Council

June 12, 2006
I wanted to thank you David for all of your work you've done on the city council and this oommunity. I'm not sure how the current majority is planning on filling the vacancy, but I certainly hope we get some solid representation via an election and not any heavy handed appointments. Dana Kimsey

Memorial: Shirley Brey

March 11, 2006
One of the greatest gifts Shirley left us were her expressions. I can still see her blue eyes sparkling when she said: "Everything is just as it should be; it's right on time." Dana Kimsey

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