Comments by Robert F. Brown

County stops, and then allows, filling and grading at Big Wave

July 09, 2006
I have lived next to this property for nearly 20 years. Some years it was tilled and some years it was left to the weeds. Not until Big Wave developers wanted to put up self-storage units on the property and were denied, was it suddenly prime agricultural land. Land that needed to be filled with top soil, even though it certainly hadn't been over-farmed in the past. I did see a small patch of fava beans go to seed once, however. And if there is a 100 foot buffer between wetlands and tilled soil,…

Big Wave project gets its first public hearing

June 10, 2006
You might take note of attorney Byers being a parter in the McCracken Law Firm. And if you remember Mirada Surf, you will remember McCracken Byers.

Big Wave project gets its first public hearing

June 09, 2006
I took a walk around the perimeter of the Big Wave property yesterday (Thursday), camera in hand. I was impressed with the sheer size of the two Big Wave properties and tried to imagine it in a developed state. I can not imagine how any 'light industrial' two story development with huge parking lots would fit into the protected wetlands to the west of the property. I noticed how Big Wave has been disking as close to the wetlands as possible, right up to the tree line in all instances. In one area…