Comments by Dave Dewey

Editorial:  It’s time to solve the Coastside’s firefighting mess

July 21, 2006
I think it’s time to stop trying to fix the blame and start fixing the problem. The bottom line is that when an emergency occurs, sufficient personnel are on duty to respond, and that all of the fire stations are staffed. When you call 911, you don’t care what the lettering on the door of the fire engine says, you just care that an engine is there. Firefighting is a physical, dirty, frequently dangerous job, and firefighters often have to forgo family responsibilities for their job. But they…

Grand jury says Coastside fire districts should merge and outsource services

July 14, 2006
My wife and I recently moved to El Granada. As a retired Deputy Fire Chief/Fire Marshal from North County Fire Authority (Brisbane, Daly City, and Pacifica), I was heavily involved in the implementation of the Joint Powers Authority that put Brisbane, Daly City, and Pacifica under one administrative body, so I am keenly aware of the problems that can occur when a jurisdiction contracts for fire services. It is only natural for the firefighters to view this option with skepticism and fear. It represents…