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Brown pelicans are still imperiled in mysterious die-off

February 26, 2010
Oh, and the spelling: A wonderful bird is the pelican, His bill will hold more than his belican, He can take in his beak Enough food for a week But I'm damned if I see how the helican!

Brown pelicans are still imperiled in mysterious die-off

February 26, 2010
Poetry credit to Dixon Lanier Merritt, 1910.

CUSD will seek $150 parcel tax

February 13, 2010
This list is obviously not meant to be taken seriously. Or, if it is, it does its audience a disservice.

Brews & Views: California Politics—The Real Story, Thursday at HMB Brewing

February 01, 2010
Time? Link?

Traffic slowed on Highway 92

January 18, 2010
You can see the effect here: It seems to have been cleared.

County Charter Review Committee to meet Weds, Jan 13 at 6pm

January 13, 2010
It's hard to imagine a worse setup than the one we have now, and I really don't see district elections as all that much of an improvement. Suppose we added enough districts that the coastside got its own representative (that'd take a lot of districts, yes). Even then, it's not as if the coastside speaks with one voice; given that hard-fought coastside elections tend to be reasonably close, even then half the coastside would find itself unrepresented. I'd prefer to see county-wide proportional representation,…

Big Wave “trails” are hardly worthy of the name

December 14, 2009
Now, Kevin, I'm sure we can beautify the trail with some fake plastic fencing and streetlights.

CUSD’S “Push Poll” for a Parcel Tax

November 26, 2009
I don't recall the precise definition of "senior", but it's set in the constitution (via Prop 13) as part of the parcel tax clause. The district can adopt the exemption or not, but beyond that they don't control it. And it's worth remember the distinction between ad valorem property taxes and flat-rate parcel taxes in California.

Photos: Coastsider visits San Mateo County’s Temple of Democracy

November 25, 2009
Mr Ginna appears to be confused about how recounts work. One cannot even request a recount until the result is official, per the certified statement of the result, which in this case can be found here: As for payment, I find myself confused by Mr Ginna's comment. Before the recount starts and by 8:30 a.m. on each day of the recount, the requestor of the recount shall pay to the Registrar of Voters a sum sufficient for that…

CUSD’S “Push Poll” for a Parcel Tax

November 25, 2009
Re "new lettering", no, what does it say? I hadn't heard about the lost rotunda; that's a shame. At the risk of highjacking this thread, I'll say that I was puzzled by the architects' choice to go Santa Fe; I was expecting (hoping for) more of a WPA Deco look. (And yes, the budget is only going to get worse, judging from the flood of bad news from Sacramento.)

CUSD’S “Push Poll” for a Parcel Tax

November 24, 2009
I remain ambivalent about yet another parcel tax. Unlike Barry, I oppose parcel taxes in general as regressive and discriminatory; it's not the way we (as a state) should be funding our schools. On the other hand, the post-prop-13 constitution gives school districts no other practical mechanism to raise significant funds. I don't quite see how CUSD deserves credit for "making sacrifices"; they have a top-line budget that's largely out of their control, both on the revenue and expense side, and that's…

Demographics of CUSD continuing to shift

November 11, 2009
Only 15 years ago the district was 3:1 anglo:hispanic. It's pretty clear who was being "tolerated" back then. By 2000 it was 2:1, and last year it was 1:1, with a slight Hispanic lead. The term "toleration" has a long history in the US, going back at least to religious toleration (or more frequently not!) in the colonies (string up that Quaker!). The dictionary (and etymological) meaning centers around "endure", which is certainly not the message we'd like to be sending.

What Happened to Charlie Hall for Granada Sanitary District?

November 08, 2009
No guess from me. But I'm moved to wonder, not for the first time, why voting has to start a month before election day and, on a related note, what the return rate of ballots is over that month. We know that the percentage of voters voting by mail has risen to (IIRC) around half in some elections. And it's also clear that campaign schedules, including media endorsements and candidate forums, continue to behave as though there were only one voting day. Not just for the convenience of candidates, but…

Current HMB City Council’s slate sweeps the field

November 03, 2009
It seems like an extraordinarily slow count tonight. For the county, it's a lot of races, I suppose, but still....

CUSD’s head lice policy is not supported by science

October 19, 2009
I understand Barry to be asking for the CSBA model policy, which sounds consistent with the original editorial. No?

CUSD’s head lice policy is not supported by science

October 13, 2009
I think Kevin's point was clear enough, though granted a little skew of topic. CUSD simply reminds us all of climate-change deniers, in that they're inclined to ignore science and its 'ballyhoo'. Of course, that might be unfair to CUSD; we'll find out soon enough.

Coastsider operating out of Caffe Lucca. How’s the storm affecting you?

October 13, 2009
3.2" here (Lobitos Creek) as of the lull an hour ago. We had some dead trees down; all but one were considerate enough to stay out of the road. Radar suggests that we might see another smallish wave, but then again it might miss us to the south. Showers predicts through tomorrow morning.

Coastsider operating out of Caffe Lucca. How’s the storm affecting you?

October 13, 2009
I don't know that we've seen 60 mph down here at Lobitos Creek, but the winds have been impressive; certainly well in excess of 40. Our trees have lost whatever loose leaves and needles they had left over from the fall. I'd rather not go outside to make a more precise measurement, but from the window it looks like more than 3 inches, with rain still falling. We had a power outage earlier in the afternoon, but it lasted only five minutes or so. And a few minutes ago Sprint cell coverage (and my own…

County to hold workshop on “housing issues” in unincorporated Midcoast, Weds in HMB

September 30, 2009
The solution seems obvious enough, Kevin. Turn 92 & 1 into four-lane freeways (with room for expansion, of course) with a cloverleaf at their intersection (and one at 92 & 35 while we're at it). Off-ramps for the big hotels, and we're all set.

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey & Kathryn Slater Carter agree on Healthcare

August 31, 2009
Comments R Us.... While we're on the subject of GDP, this from Krugman: That’s especially true for health care, where growing spending has made the vested interests far more powerful than they were in Nixon’s day. The health insurance industry, in particular, saw its premiums go from 1.5 percent of G.D.P. in 1970 to 5.5 percent in 2007, so that a once minor player has become a political behemoth, one that is currently spending $1.4 million a day lobbying Congress. While Medicare does a poor job…

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