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Adding Opinions to Coastsider?

March 31, 2004
WRT your two options, why not both, if the software supports it? Maybe not ideal for RSS, unless one of the copies could be suppressed, but some blog software has provision for filing an article in different places (chronologically, by topic, etc). (Secret meetings are bad for the community. They deprive us of our circuses.)

What is RSS and how does Coastsider use it?

April 13, 2006
Recent web browsers (including Safari and Firefox) have built-in RSS support, making it very easy to get started. Firefox calls its facility "live bookmarks"; in Safari (Tiger and later) click the RSS button in the address bar and bookmark the result.

Get ready for wildflower season

January 31, 2004
Is this the oxalis that Chuck's site calls "Alien - Invasive: Nearing out-of-control status"? Spreading is right... Good article anyway.

WRT RSS, perhaps a little evangelism would be in order, since RSS is such a natural for a site like this. Maybe an RSS-for-beginners helper page, with a brief explanation of what's going on, and links to suggested readers on the common platforms. Don's right, BTW. The RSS link is just the identical page content with a .xml extension. That doens't seem right.

Navigation. The top nav bar and the Coastsider Guide on the left end up having a somewhat confusing relationship. The categories overlap, but in confusing ways. The difference between the two nav sections isn't at all clear.

Unless deducing the URL is a test for beta testers, you should add it to your login/password email. The RSS link gives me an "Untitled Source" with no content (via NetNewsWire Lite). I think it's a good idea for a login page to have a link to the register page, with some help text. It's natural to try to log in even if not a member. The San Mateo Daily News is, perversely, Scott's portal is The second-level nav bar (starting with <<Advertise) could…

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