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Caving in and kowtowing to developers is common in San Mateo County politics

April 16, 2010
FIrst of all, what is there is to gain by calling the Supervisors names, and inferring that they don't care about coastal issues, just because they happen to disagree with our personal positions. We live in a world that is inhabited by Green party members, Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians. Our courts have members like Antonin Scalia, and Clarence Thomas, as well as Ruth Bader Ginsberg. We don't live in a world where everything the Coastal Commission never makes a mistake, and everything they…

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey & Kathryn Slater Carter agree on Healthcare

August 31, 2009
"Medicare will be 300% of GDP" ??? Healthcare will never be more than the GDP, because it is part of the GDP. MRI machines, Drug production, Hospital facilities, Testing equipment & supplies are all included in the GDP. If we think billing costs, overhead, and the actual time with a doctor is going to outpace the GDP by 300% then we've just made the perfect case for health care reform. Regarding our local clinic: "We tried that sort of thing in here on the Coastside with well-known disastrous financial…

Gay wedding business opens on the Coastside

July 22, 2008
I thought we on the Coast were beyond this, but I guess some of us are more beyond it than others. I, (along with the Supreme Court) am willing to share the institution of marriage with others who are in love, and want to make a lifetime commitment to each other. Maybe allowing others, who may have had a private commitment for decades, to have a public commitment, will strengthen our concept of marriage, and the institution in general. When my children see people of the same sex kissing, rather than…

Gay wedding business opens on the Coastside

July 17, 2008
I'm with Michael & Deb, I think it's a great idea. Neil Merrilees

Opinion: Some questions HMB didn’t answer today

April 26, 2008
Kevin Good points. This whole deal is sad. Neil Merrilees

Supervisor Gordon suggests MCC has “outlived its usefulness”

February 09, 2008
Deborah & Barry This is a great place to get the public involved, which didn't exist a few years ago. Our community is changing, and we are all struggling with how to continue. The recent post on this site (In response to Rich Gordon's letter) included viewpoints from all over the political spectrum, yet I didn't see it as bashing at all, I saw it as a reasonable, intelligent discussion by members of a community that is struggling to figure out exactly how to proceed. If we have an issue, and we…

Coastside firefighters’ pay averaged $155,000 per year in 2007

February 06, 2008
I don't want to knock the Firefighters for making a good salary. I'll admit, I'm jealous of the amount, but if I could make $155K a year, I would (I know my wife wishes I did). I think Vince's story makes the average coastal resident wonder where all the discord in the local Fire Dept comes from. With this salary you would think people would be happy in their current situation. What is all the discontent about? If we can do this with the Fire Dept staff, can't we find a way to raise the salary of…

Coastside firefighters’ pay averaged $155,000 per year in 2007

February 04, 2008
What a wonderful world it will be when we pay our school teachers as much as our firefighters.

Video Column: Right Here In the Middle

March 27, 2007
Kevin and Steve, I have to jump in here and disagree. The County is not (in this case) catering to "developers". I am the Developer, and I wanted to build less on the coast, not more. Bad planning caters to no one. The LCP mandates structures like this in this zoning district. I begged the County and the Coastal commission for 15 years to build something smaller. I offered to build a small cottage, and rent it out to tourists, and donate it for a number of weeks to non-profits. I offered to build…

Letter: Smart Growth and the Coastside

September 20, 2006
Wow Either this is a topic that a lot of us care about, or there are a lot of people with too much time to spend in front of a computer. If people really do have extra time on their hands, how about showing up at the Planning & Zoning meeting tonight (730 at the Granada (don't say El Granada) Sanitary District Office) and voicing some of these same concerns? Thanks Don for bringing up such a hot topic. One point about the Coastal Commission. The CC's job is to protect the coastal zone for the Public…

Letter: Smart Growth and the Coastside

September 17, 2006
Don Bacon makes some great points, as does Barry Parr and Leonard Woren, but dividing the Coastside into two factions ("Smart Growth" vs no growth) won't fix anything. Of course a certain amount of growth is inevitable, and of course it would be better to proactively plan for it in a "Smart" way. There are certain areas on the coast that could benefit from higher density (how about a "walking downtown" in Moss Beach, or Montara, or a town center at the radius of El Granada, like Burnham wanted).…