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City and Chamber welcome Peet’s with official ribbon-cutting

October 31, 2007
It's not the number of coffee shops that amazes me. It's the number of Borsini Burr galleries that makes my head spin.

Coastside fights global warming with a Montara beach party

May 04, 2007
I didn't follow the link. Mr. Cockburn had two paragraphs to encourage me to register and read futher. He failed. As did Mr. Perkins on several tries to point us to any article based in science. I just can't wait for Mike's Sunday installment. Perhaps an article applauded by WorldNet Daily or Free Republic? This is getting a bit boring....

Coastside fights global warming with a Montara beach party

April 24, 2007
Pretty interesting Frontline on Channel 9 tonight called "Hot Topics", basically outline the Bush regime's promise to limit, then ultimately attempting to shoot down the impact of, carbon emissions. Especially interesting was Christie Todd Whitman (republican, then head of the EPA)on Crossfire saying how the White House was aware of the Global Warming problem and committed to addressing it. She was basically taken the woodshed after that, followed by Bush starting a slow retreat from his promises…

Coastside fights global warming with a Montara beach party

April 19, 2007
Hi Mike, I'm glad that Roy carved time out of his busy schedule, between talking to the "Republican Women of Madison" and "evangelical leaders". And I often look to the Huntsville Times for objective opinions on global issues. I lived in Huntsville and Decatur. I appreciate your tenacity, Mike. But you're going to have to do much better than this. Mike

Coastside fights global warming with a Montara beach party

April 11, 2007
Wow... I thought that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were the last two people on the "Global Warming Doesn't Exist" lifeboat. Better make room for two more. And sorry, Mary. As soon as my laptop encountered the reference to "560 KSFO" above the video, it froze up and shut down. Oh, and the video has since been removed. But I'm sure it was newsworthy. Did it have an intro from Melanie and Lee, or perhaps it was narrated by Rush himself? Mike

What’s wrong with downtown Half Moon Bay?

March 21, 2007
Barbara, That's a great idea. Sunnyvale, where I grew up, has a Farmer's Market that takes up all of Murphy Street, I believe ever Saturday. Great produce and other varieties of food, great music, and a lot of people. The local shops always seem to be doing a great business on that day. Heck, this is the coast. We should have the best Farmer's Market around! Mike Mccall

Video: Montara workshop on 7-unit subdivision near Farallone View

March 20, 2007
I'm still shaking my head from that meeting last night. Ten minutes into the meeting, it was obvious the developer had zero expectation of ever building on the land. After getting stuck with property he knew he couldn't build on, he was attempting to sell the property to residents, eager to protect the land. Did he really think that a third-rate bait and switch move was going to work on the Montara crowd? All I can say is "ouch".

Devil’s Slide to reopen August 4

July 26, 2006
So Carl, When should the slide have been opened to traffic? Was it during the time when rocks were still falling or when heavy machinery filled the majority of space on the slide? Were you willing to extend the ultimate opening until October or November so that traffic could get through? Tell me how they could have pulled it off. I'm curious to hear how. Perhaps implementing 36 hour shifts? Mike "Sheeple" McCall

Letter: Sign and distribute a petition to Trader Joe’s

June 16, 2006
I'm all for "preserving" character. But grocery shopping is something every one of us do on at least a weekly basis. And there isn't much choice on this side of hill. Is it too much to ask for a market with reasonably priced items, where buying a full cart of groceries doesn't require me to tap into my equity line? And how does the location we're talking about lend to the character of the coast in it's current configuration? Mike

Video: How is business?

June 09, 2006
Mr Dantes, So the merchants are to be "blamed" for not wanting the street closed where they do business? They'd like to perhaps stay open during regular business hours in hopes that they'll make some extra sales and survive until September? And we're going to boycott them for that? And to penalize citizens for individual actions that their elected officials make is pretty far out there in my opinion. Not doing business in HMB would be harmful to individuals trying to make ends meet. Not just business…

Video: How is business?

June 09, 2006
Hi Robert, Whatever you think of the city's actions or inactions regarding the light, your decision not to do business in HMB hurts individuals that really have nothing to do with the light. My wife and I are doing all we can to do business on the coast, including HMB, but with special emphasis on the Moss Beach/Montara area where we live.

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 06, 2006
I vote for a Whole Foods, with a bank nearby so that I can afford to shop there. Short of that, a TJ's would be great. Or an 18 hole golf simluation facility with full bar and cigar lounge.

Letter: Please support Open Mic Night at Caffe Lucca

June 05, 2006
Thanks, Tammy! We're glad you could make it. It was a lot of fun. We're already organizing the next Open Mic so that we'll have a good variety of performers. Regards, Mike

Letter: Please support Open Mic Night at Caffe Lucca

June 01, 2006
Kevin, Thanks for you kind words. It will good to see you there. Ah, Montara Mike.... Well, he's much like Keith Richards. Unfortunately, he does not have Keith Richards skills, but rather looks much like him. I won't say his guitar playing is bad, but dogs have been known refuse walks when Montara Mike plays outside. Other than that, he's a pretty decent guy, assuming you catch him during his few sober moments. We'll see you Saturday night. Montara, er, Mike McCall

Coastsider endorses Leland Yee for state senate

May 24, 2006
I support Yee and especially appreciate his interest in the Coastside, specifically many of the issues Barry has pointed out above. If anyone can point out anything that Nevin has done for or contributed to the coastside, I'd be very interested. I couldn't find anything on his website. I also couldn't find any mention of the word "environment" on his website! Interesting. Mike

Opinion:  Foothill Bypass, Part II: A legal (and literal) quagmire

May 10, 2006
Brian, No gap here, Brian. What part of Mr.Ferreira's observations do you disagree with? I'm not being facetious here. Educate me. To be honest, when I see people scream "politics" and "What's YOUR plan", it makes me thinks that much of what Mr. Ferreria has to say is pretty accurate. Regards, Mike

Opinion:  Foothill Bypass, Part II: A legal (and literal) quagmire

May 10, 2006
Hi Ray, I can appreciate your desire to improve roads. The commute over the hill is bad, and now with the slide, it's a nightmare. I want to see improvements for the coast as well. I'm pretty protective of the coast. I will admit that. So are many of my friends who nobody in their right mind would label as environmental whackos or no-growth lunatics. And I would not cast us off as the minority. There are many people who want to try to preserve the coastal beauty of the area while allowing the improvements…

Opinion:  Foothill Bypass, Part II: A legal (and literal) quagmire

May 10, 2006
Brian wrote : "Suggesting solutions now while lacking direct control of the situation would not be practical. Better to let the citizens deal with the inconveniences for now and then try to look like a hero when he tries to reclaim his throne." So that would make any suggestion handed out by a citizen, yourself included, impractical? Hmmm... I appreciate Mike's view on the issue. Part of arriving at a solution is to shed light on those particular plans that don't make much sense, or have basic issues…

Jackie Speier will “shop till she drops”  in HMB Tuesday

May 09, 2006
Um... 9:00 a.m. until 10:30 a.m? I'm glad the Senator's coming, but maybe next time she can be here when the shops are actually open! Now if I could only limit my wife's shopping to a 90 minute period, life would be good.... Mike

Coastside Community First revives Foothill Blvd project

May 05, 2006
Brian, What is so confusing? Don, who I am assuming is a CCF member, didn't appear too confused by any of Kevin's questions. Neither did I. Kevin brought up some very good common sense questions that I think many people would ask. If improving infrastructure includes major bypasses, expanding HWY 1 so that it looks more like PCH and proposing HWY 92 be 4 lanes up and down, then many people will are going to have questions and concerns. Is there a problem with that? Regards, Mike

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