Comments by Denise Phillips

Caltrans may end “free” right turns onto Hwy 92 for HMB commuters

May 18, 2006
I have to agree with both Grace Ann and Angelique regarding Debra Auker's comments regarding the installation of the new traffic signal. While 2/3 of the population of HMB may live south of Hwy. 92, this issue does not affect only the residents of HMB. This is a Coastside issue, and the majority of the residents of the Coastside live north of HMB. For the city manager of HMB to have made such comments is not only insensitive but also counterproductive to the efforts of encouraging Coastside residents…

Slide could take “several months” to repair, says Caltrans

April 08, 2006
Timothy Pond suggested rewarding the HS and MS kids for riding their bikes. Don't forget about the students who go to Hatch but live North of HMB! Kudos to the elementary school students for riding their bikes in with their parents! My kids think it is great to ride past all those cars barely moving along the highway.

School District temporarily changes schedule and adds bus during closure

April 06, 2006
I live in Moss Beach, and my two kids attend Hatch. Yesterday we put on our rain gear and got on our bikes to ride to school. We left our house at 7:20 and pulled in to the school parking lot at 7:50. Most of the cars we passed on Hwy. 1 had only one, maybe two people in them. Let's all get our bikes out of the garage and ride to school in the morning! Not only does it beat sitting in traffic but it is great exercise too! Denise Phillips