Comments by Jim Marsh

Supervisor Gordon to hold Medical Center town hall meeting in HMB, Monday

March 21, 2009
hello I'd like to discuss Rich Gordon btw: I see that he has noticed his intention to run for the state assembly for RwC south - ? 21st ? district . I heard the comment that the county had not supported the CFMC. this raises this question: ?have we Coastsiders been getting our fair share of county allocations to healthcare = relative to those oth ? what is the county's plan (the infamous Plan B ) ? ? any truth to the street talk about the CFMC board and the pro growth crowd? Additionally, should…

What do you want to tell Assemblyman Leland Yee?

November 22, 2005
hello it would be nice if Mr Yee would use his resouces to bring fairness and the rule of law to our fair MidCoast - he could, for instance, investigate the recent coastside races - perhaps he could light a fire under Mr Casey or the County Grand Jury - the results seem surreal