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Mac users can’t pay traffic tickets online in San Mateo County

March 13, 2009
Thanks, Tim! My solution has been to keep a current copy of VMWare's Fusion on my Mac. It creates a virtual Windows machine, from which I can do any of the "Windows Only" things.

Photos: Opening Day at New Leaf

June 18, 2008
What a wonderful market! My son and I were there today as well, and all I can say is wow. But, I have a question - how did you manage to get photos without a ton of people in the background?! :-) The place was packed when we were there at 3pm. And to think they aren't even completely stocked yet!

Devil’s Slide is closed

January 25, 2008
Actually, Barry, I was more miffed that one of the rocks broke my headlight than actually realizing the danger of the situation.

Devil’s Slide is closed

January 25, 2008
I'm glad they cleaned it up, I got hit by some of those rocks when they came flying over the top of the ridge onto my car (blue Volvo wagon). Broke one of my headlights, dented the car in several places, and screwed up the driver's side rear view mirror.

Caltrans puts Hwy 1 & 92 intersection camera online

April 29, 2006
Kevin - you may need to get a third-party viewer, like "Flip4Mac" or something like that (works on Safari). I also found that I have to actually click on the PLAY icon in whatever viewer I'm in before the videocam starts to display. I don't have any PCs so I can't really be of help there.

Album: Devil’s Slide on the move

April 03, 2006
Thank you for the great coverage of this. The photos are wonderful. Keep up the great work!