Comments by Steve Holmlund

Letter: Montara Mountain Lovers, please leash your dogs

October 04, 2008
Was fishing on Montara beach not too long ago when a woman came up to me and asked if I was using live bait because she was afraid her (off-leash) dog would go after it while a cast was being retrieved. The solution seemed obvious to me!

Slide could take “several months” to repair, says Caltrans

April 07, 2006
If it's going to take that long, then the suggestion in another comment to put in human traffic control at some of the lights is a very good one.

Accident on Hwy 92 muddies impact of HMB’s emergency traffic measures

April 05, 2006
I also had no problem on Tuesday. Today (Wednesday) was as bad as it has ever been. Both days I left at 6:20 a.m. from Montara. But today traffic was backed up to the the airport at 6:25. By 7:45, I had only made it to Miramar. I don't think that's even 1 mile in that timeframe. I turned around and went home. So the accident on 92 @ 35 was not the problem at 6:30. Montara residents are at a real disadvantage because we are at the end of the line and everyone else has "cuts". I called the CHP and…