Comments by Susan Guarino

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 06, 2006
You can count me in for a trader joe's. maybe the boys and girls club would work there to. susan moss beach

Big Wave project gets its first public hearing

June 06, 2006
The Big Wave Project sounds wonderful. Has anyone considered having Hope Services located there. They are an annex of the large non-profitthat has been very successful in both San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Hope Services of the coast is now located in a small office in Downtown HMB.

Photo: Almost to the edge of the known world

May 19, 2006
Once again we live on the world's largest Cul-De-Sac...So Cal eat your heart out! I think we should have big fair or B-B-Q this summer (in the fog of course!)..."Cul-de-Sacing on the Coast" we'll call it. "It only happens every ten years or so"..."More rare than a Blue Moon"..."Party on the edge of the known world"...

Caltrans will hold next public update in Pacifica on May 10 

May 08, 2006
Why not one way on 92? In one word "commerce". Perhaps you don't realize how many trucks come West in the morning and likewise go East in the evening. Some are for the agricultural industry, some are making customer deliveries (ie Safeway,Albertson's,etc.)some are for the dump, the quarry, contractors for many services, etc, etc. To shut down this traffic for two hours would require a tremendous amount of shuffling of schedules by many, many different companies, IF it could even be accommodated.…

Dream Machines cancelled: It’s too wet to park

April 08, 2006
I live in Moss Beach myself, and really, a few weekends of traffic and noise here there to raise money for community groups is really no big deal. The reality is these community groups need money, not sympanthy. They are an essential part of coastside services. Of course this event isn't the only way of raising money, but it is an important yearly fundraiser. I suppose there are people who also leave town on Pumpkin Festival weekend. I find it amazing how much griping there is over the dozen or so…