Comments by chris clabaugh

Caltrans seeking consensus, not approval, from HMB on traffic light

May 30, 2006
After enduring (yet another) 2.5 hour commute about 2 weeks ago - most of which was between Montara and Frenchman's Creek - I called Supervisor Gordon's office and spoke with one of his staff to see what kind of leadership his office might offer. I see (again) that in these emergencies there are multiple conflicting jursdictions and agendas, with no clear leader. It appears to me that every one of the organizations involved are hiding behind each others' incompetence; lessons from Katrina be damned.…

Traffic is flowing well Monday morning

April 17, 2006
I suspect that we will not see the return of the significant traffic in the morning hours until next week, when schools on both sides of the mountain are in session. It will be an interesting comparison; I have seen that the afternoon commute westward remains as bad or slightly worse than before the slide.

Accident on Hwy 92 muddies impact of HMB’s emergency traffic measures

April 06, 2006
As a recent resident of Montara, I was concerned with the commute to my job and my children's schools over the hill in Burlingame. I suppose that I, and other recent 'coastsiders', have been living in a fantasy land regarding the seriously under-planned, under-funded, and under-resourced transportation needs and realities of the coast in this new era. Where are the parallel N+S roads to take some of the load off Hwy1? What happens if there is a life threatening emergency that requires travel to resources…