Comments by Barbra Mathewson

Downtown in a Downturn: Epilogue

July 31, 2009
Although I do not blame the HMBCC for the decline in business to the Coastside I do not believe they have made any effort to help their , I do appreciate Mr Long's comments. I too have long given up on trying to get straight answers or assistance from the Chamber and 2 of the 3 memberships I have a voice in paying decided to no longer support the Chamber in it's current state. I am excited to hear that a group of young business people in town is forming and a 25 year old has put his hat in the ring…

Asplundh Scheduling on SR 92

July 31, 2009
I must agree I left in plenty of time for a Dr appoint in Palo Alto, was 50 minutes late and had to pay $150. becaused I missed the appoint and insurance will not pay ergggggg! By the time I was able to turn around and go through Pacifica I was still never going to make it. I should have called 511. Very frustrating.

Accident on Hwy 92 muddies impact of HMB’s emergency traffic measures

April 07, 2006
In response to Chris Clabaugh....did you ever ask yourself these questions BEFORE you moved your Family to the Coast? Didn't your Realtor warn you about this? LOL..Did you not notice shabby condition of Devils Slide? Think the tunnel is going in just to make our property values higher? As in 1995, things will calm down and we will adjust to the traffic and inconvience. We have great schools in Montara and HMB, you choose to take your kids to school far from home, that is your choice. Your comment…