Comments by Tammy Lee

Montara house maximizes sunlight on foggy days

September 12, 2010
Continuing the theme of the previous comments, I recall a political cartoon that made the point that the best environmentalist is a dead one.

HMB leaders threaten to dissolve city if sales tax fails

September 12, 2010
Wow. I hope the residents of HMB just vote yes. A 1% tax is an extra $1 for every $100. I don't live in HMB but shop there frequently. It wouldn't dissuade me from shopping there. Maybe it would if I was buying a big ticket item like a car or something But having the city disincorporate could have a huge impact on coastal real estate prices.

Followup: Savannah cat in Montara

September 12, 2010
For anyone wanting a cat, I want to give a plug for adopting from a rescue group or an animal shelter. There are literally hundreds of animals dying for a loving home. We adopted our "Jack" from a local rescue group; so I guess that makes him the cat equivalent of a mutt... but he's a real love. He looks similar to the aforementioned hybrid "Jack"

SamTrans forum highlights the necessity of Route 17

August 10, 2009
I would also like to add that there many who attended the meeting and spoke in support of keeping the DX route, which is critical to many who work in SF. One very enlightening comment was that SamTrans charges the same amount for all the Express routes, and since our coastside DX is by far the shortest, we've been paying more than other Express riders.

SamTrans proposes to cut Coastside bus service, public meeting Thurs, Aug 6

July 29, 2009
I read the DX to work. Another rider attended the South SF meeting earlier this week. SamTrans announced at that meeting that they want to cut the entire DX route, and as an alternative, want people to take the CX to BART to SF. This seems so far-fetched to me to cut the entire route. Seems like a more reasonable interim measure would be instead to offer a more limited schedule ..

Downtown HMB suffering along with the rest of us

January 17, 2009
Seems like some of the other shopping areas in HMB outside Main St have more practical stores for locals. Living in Montara, going to Pacifica was always more convenient than HMB. Plus, when the slide closed, I grew to hate that drive down 1 and over 92 to reach my job in SF. Anyways, I now like going to HMB simply because New Leaf opened. The quality and selection of their produce, and other food items, is great. I have tied my trips to HMB to include other places I frequent now, too (banking, library).

Letter: Abandoned bunny needs a home

January 10, 2009
Hi, I have been emailing with Florie and she shared the good news that the bunny found a new home with a Montara family.

The Supervisors must stop treating the Midcoast like a colony

January 09, 2009
FYI, in the beginning of the story ("The Supervisors are considering a proposal to forbid the election of current members of existing Coastside boards to the Midcoast Community Council", there is a broken link ( )

Whale watching season is here again

January 09, 2009
If anyone has the "Animal Planet" channel .. and you are interested in whales, look for the series "Whale Wars". It shows Sea Shepherd's fight to stop the slaughter of Whales. I caught it when it ran recently and am part-way through watching the series.

Letter: Abandoned bunny needs a home

January 02, 2009
Thanks for taking the bunny in Florie. I already have my hands full with 4 adopted rescue cats but hope someone can give this courageous survivor a loving home. I simply don't understand why the pair of bunnies was running loose in the first place ..

What’s wrong with downtown Half Moon Bay?

March 16, 2007
When the slide closed, living in Montara felt like living in the largest cul-de-sac in the Bay Area. Of necessity, I tried shopping in Half Moon Bay. It was awful. I can't think of a single reason why I would go to shop in HMB. I've heard that New Leaf is opening up in the old Albertson's space. Now that will definitely bring me down that way, otherwise I do all of my shopping in Pacifica. The Linda Mar Safeway's is so much nicer than HMB Safeway's, much better selection of organics and I don't seem…

Devil’s Slide is open!

August 05, 2006
As someone who lives in Montara and works in SF, and relied on the Sam Trans Express bus from Pacifica to get to work, it was a huge burden (both emotionally and logstically) to face the long drive through Half Moon Bay. I was ecstatic (as was everyone in my carpool) when CalTrans announced the road would be open -- EARLY. Hats off to -CalTrans for maintaining the nearly daily updates about the progress -Everyone who carpooled through 92 to ease road congestion for not making us wait…

Letter:  Why hasn’t anything been done about the evening commute?

July 14, 2006
If people with regular schedules could please carpool, that would also help. I see alot of cars with single drivers ...

Letter:  Why hasn’t anything been done about the evening commute?

July 10, 2006
Today's commute was awful. We exited Bunker Hill Road off 280 at 4:24 pm Within 30 seconds, we were at a complete standstill. It was a parking lot for about 15 minutes. Finally the traffic started moving, slowly, in fits. We heard on the radio there was an injury accident at Pilarcitos Creek. Fortunately I had good company with my carpool so at least we could complain to each other. And laugh when I stalled the car because stop and go traffic sucks when your car has a manual transmission like mine.…

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 08, 2006
We were at the Daly City TJ's a couple of weeks ago and they asked for my zip. We asked why, and the clerk told us they're looking at new locations, and specifically mentioned Pacifica. When the slide reopens, I'm all for a TJs in Pacifica. Much easier for me to get to than HMB.

Letter: Please support Open Mic Night at Caffe Lucca

June 04, 2006
I was quite happy to read about this on Coastsider. I stopped by last nite and it was very enjoyable. Thanks to Mike and Kyle for their efforts in organizing it. Hope to make the next one.