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MCTV replies to the Grand Jury

July 16, 2009
Connie indicated to me that MCTV does not have the time to watch programs submitted by the public and therefore doesn't get to put new shows on the air. As far as football games go, they are OLD! Who wants to watch a game that is a week or weeks old when you already know the score and who won? Connie just wants to keep thisgs as is, and is only doing all of this because someone put her on the hot seat, last year and this year, which is good and well deserved. Most people look at the channel as a…

Grand Jury blames lack of oversight for MCTV’s poor quality programming

July 10, 2009
Well I have to say when I first read this, I though it was a joke from Coastsider to ME! Let me April of 2008, I was asked by a good friend to meet with Connie Malach, president of MCTV to talk with her about ideas on improving the TV station. We had weekly meetings where I created a marketing plan, an issues log, notes and agendas for meetings, researched several other PEG stations for comparison, attended a chamber meeting to market the station, requested a new logo and marketing specialties,…

Photo: Downed power line blacks out HMB, causes fire

February 08, 2008
That is strange because our power went out just before 11:30 pm and then I heard explosions and looked outside and it appeared to be fireworks. Any info on this? -GraceAnn

Letter: I sent this to Comcast today

January 29, 2008
I am sorry for replying to this old post but I could not find a comment section in your updated letter. My husband was watching that same football game and lost video/audio. I called Comcast and was told there was no outage. They said an outage had to be three or more calls. Well, you and I are one and two! I find it hard to believe that is it. They also said their schedule is booked for service so someone would have to call me the next day to schedule service. Of course the next day I got a call…

Devil’s Slide is closed

January 25, 2008
Thanks for the correction. I was already dreading the three hour one way Monday commute. Sincerely, GraceAnn

Devil’s Slide is closed

January 25, 2008
I just heard (at a Cub Scout Meeting) that Devil's Slide will be closed indefinitely. I would love it if someone could tell me this is NOT true. -GraceAnn

POST is buying Wavecrest

August 19, 2007
I can see this is good news for many. I don't have too much of an opinion since my son goes to school over the hill but I do hope to come back as a red-legged frog in my next life so I'll have an inexpensive/free place to live with an incredible ocean view. -GraceAnn

Coastside Hope gets new executive director and board leadership

July 15, 2007
Congratulations Cheri and good luck with your transition. It looks like you will have the best of both worlds! Sincerely, GraceAnn

Photos: California red-legged frog in Montara

May 11, 2007
This is such a great photo, thanks for sharing. Are we allowed to photograph these frogs? They might view us as paparazzi - do you think? They seem to have a lot of rights these days. What if the camera startles them and they stop reproducing or something? :))))) My son who is 7 also loves the pic and was asking why it is called a red-legged frog and it doesn't have red legs. Why isn't it called the brownish frog with some dark spots? This looks exactly like the kind of frog that we used to have…

Missing man last seen in Big Sur

March 25, 2007
Poor guy. This should give him enough material to make a good film for his master's thesis. Then I think he should date that runaway bride from Georgia. They would make a good couple. If I wanted to kill myself, I'd sure change my mind after seeing beautiful Big Sur...but then run off to Mexico City? I don't get it. Food? Weather? Good conversation? I"ll wait for the movie. Glad he's safe, and hopefully on his way to mental stability. My prayers for his parents. -GraceAnn

Caltrans removing travel time signs from Coastside

December 18, 2006
I love these signs. They give a good indication of traffic and travel times. Can they stay?

Letter: Who killed Gaylord?

November 04, 2006
I realize that nowhere is safe but if you read the police log, you see that most of the crime here is pretty petty and rarely serious. When two people brutally murder an ostrich, that is sick and strange! I do feel very safe on the coast but this is a reminder that there are NUTS everywhere. I'm a former New Yorker and have lived in several cities. This is a pretty safe place overall.

Letter: Who killed Gaylord?

November 04, 2006
Wow, this is such a sad story. I am sorry for your pain and hope you find the killers. Perhaps some cameras at your entry would be good for the future. Where did this take place? I didn't think this area had armed people walking around on the loose killing animals. I have a friend who lives in an affluent area of Las Vegas and her daughter's school was on lockdown because of an armed man in the courtyard. Everyone, including the principal, was locked in the cafeteria. Luckily, the polics arrived…

Letter:  Why hasn’t anything been done about the evening commute?

July 13, 2006
1 hour, 45 minutes to get to San Mateo, and another hour in traffic to SF. One-way commute time=2 hrs 45 minutes today. As far as the metrics, keep in mind they don't include the time it takes to GET OUT of El Granada. AND the time you spend SITTING at the Route 1/92 left turn light. We timed ourselves against the 511 metrics and it is WAY OFF! People are back from vacations and summer school (at least Spanish Algebra) is in full swing so NOW WHAT? What is the solution? We are still in a political…

Photos: “Private” fireworks show in Princeton Harbor

July 05, 2006
Great photos - thanks for sharing. I wish we knew of these, we would have stayed up to watch them. I thought fireworks were illegal in HMB unless you had a permit. If these folks had a permit, wouldn't we have all found out somehow? What's the deal? I am just feeling bad that I put my six year old to bed at 8pm and he was bummed that there were not going to be fireworks...especially since we contributed to those fireworks containers. -GraceAnn

Letter: Sign and distribute a petition to Trader Joe’s

June 15, 2006
Well Timothy, it probably depends on your love for red legged frongs and snakes as well as your opinion of Measure S. Speaking of snakes, I nearly had a heart attack today when one decided to cross my path jogging on the coastal trail. When it happened TWO MORE TIMES, I realized that I am not one for protecting snake habitats. I think Hawaii will be my next and final destination. Has anyone actually gotten information from Trader Joe's indicating that they will come here following petitions? Just…

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 06, 2006
Forget Whole Foods - they need a population of 200,000 within a 20 minute drive. Also, Whole foods requires a large number of college-educated residents. With the state of our local educational system, does this exist? Trader Joes doesn't offer any information...they take snail mail if you have the time to write and mail letters. I'm up for a casino. Or a frog pond. Target anyone? How about expanding the dollar store? New middle school? Shooting…

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 06, 2006
How about a state of the art gym with a pool, spa, day care, locker rooms, health bar, and showers? Sorry, just daydreaming. -GraceAnn

Highway 92 travel times are now online

May 25, 2006
I received an email today from someone at 511 saying that they would have Route 1 from Montara to 92 on the web hopefully next week.

Caltrans may end “free” right turns onto Hwy 92 for HMB commuters

May 18, 2006
“Residents of Montara should love it,” city manager Debra Auker told Coastsider. “But two-thirds of the population of Half Moon Bay is south of the 92.” I read this statement and wonder....are we voting for this person? Talk to anyone south of 92 and their complaint is getting over 92. We all have that problem. Talk to anyone north of HMB and the issue is getting to 92, which usually takes in excess of an hour. Getting on to Route 1 in El Granada sometimes takes 45 minutes alone. I invite…

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