Comments by Dolores Noonan

Caltrans will hold next public update in Pacifica on May 10 

May 09, 2006
I don't think this is conspiracy but having a major update on the other side of the slide gives the appearance that there is something to hide. If CalTrans has any clue as to how much the coastsiders are suffering, they would at the least hold dual meetings on both sides of the slide so that a greater amount of coastsiders could attend. I will be alone with my 3 young children but will make the trek there tomorrow night. I hope that others will do the same. This closure affects our family immensely.…

The Sheriff’s emergency line is 650.363.4911

May 03, 2006
This actually brings up an off-topic but close to-topic question to our fellow coastsiders...who have you found to be the best wireless coverage provider? We were still under AT&T Cingular when the outage happened and we lost coastal coverage but I realize that the outage probably affected most providers. Who have you found to be the most compatible on the coast? Thanks, Dolores

Caltrans will blast loose debris from the cliffs early next week

April 12, 2006
Does anyone one know if there is any truth to the *rumour* that Devil's Slide may never reopen? I find this hard to believe since it does not even seem as though CalTrans has a good idea of the rate slide, amount repairs necessary, etc. I would not think they could even make such comments until the drilling is complete. Also, I did read on the Review site that CalTrans is not only delayed by the weather but by obtaining the necessary environmental permits to continue with blasting. Dolores