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Video: Hwy 1 Safety & Mobility Study Phase 2 meeting, May 26

November 16, 2011
url is not a link and the url also doesn't lead to the video as well. oops.

Ask Comcast for reasonable Basic Cable service

May 27, 2011
I'm thoroughly disgusted with the changes. I don't need three separate weather channels, I don't need duplication and addition of shopping channels, I don't need the Hallmark channel twice, I miss the Portuguese channel (something that made previous cable line-up truly unique and a reflection of our community). I hate having to use two remotes again - a major step backwards. It's barely worth mentioning the new religious channels (ugh). I use a similar digital cable service at another location and…

Take a minute to answer HMB’s downtown survey

April 22, 2011
I'd also like to know what they consider "downtown". Personally I don't consider the shopping at 92 & 1 "downtown" but that the only place I shop in HMB

Weather Service forecasts .78 meter tsunami for Coastside

March 11, 2011
just heard an official vehicle (well, sort of heard it - got the rest from a neighbor) that the warning has now been reduced to an advisory for Montara residents. I'm guessing it's the same for the rest of the area. I'm well above the water so haven't been concerned but being new to the coast I'm not quite understanding what the system here is in these situations. I have to admit what I've witnessed so far has been pretty haphazard and hasn't exactly inspired confidence. Scant information available…

Governor recommends closing parks to save money

May 29, 2009
How exactly does one close a state beach?

Rising sea levels threaten San Mateo County

March 19, 2009
when I think of how the world is changing I also think about the world of my grandmother and how it changed from her childhood to her death. She grew up playing in the bicycle shop of the Wright Brothers and lived to see man land on the moon. I wonder now what marvels will be invented that my great nieces and nephews will consider normal. The world around us is always changing and we as a species have survived in part due to our inventive abilities and facility at adapting to new circumstances. Beaches…

Rising sea levels threaten San Mateo County

March 18, 2009
pardon my ignorance but what exactly is the SAM plant?

Rising sea levels threaten San Mateo County

March 17, 2009
I just found some more intriguing information via this site It appears to me that from 1993 - 2008 the eastern Pacific sea levels have dropped while the western Pacific has risen. Data was gathered via satellite measurements.

Rising sea levels threaten San Mateo County

March 17, 2009
and what is the chance of sea-levels rising 1.4 meters? I just did a quick bit of research and found this on the NOAA site (with data specific to San Francisco) "The mean sea level trend is 2.01 millimeters/year with a 95% confidence interval of +/- 0.21 mm/yr based on monthly mean sea level data from 1897 to 2006 which is equivalent to a change of 0.66 feet in 100 years." looks to me like it will likely be several hundred years before we have to be concerned with a rise of 1.4 meters.

Low-flying plane in Santa Cruz may have violated sanctuary regulations

January 28, 2009
they weren't just in Santa Cruz. A plane matching this description flew past my place in Montara just off the cliff line. The problem is by the time you realize there's a plane it's gone before you can get any numbers off of it.

Visit old China, before It drowns, Friday

January 22, 2009
just a point of information as the title may be a bit misleading. I'm guessing that the area in this film may already be underwater as the dam was finished in 2003 and the resevoir is expected to reach a full fill this year in 2009. I traveled the river in the 90's and would say this film is still well worth seeing as it's a beautiful area that is now lost to history.

Governor vetoes money used to monitor Coastside water quality

October 09, 2008
I wonder if programs like the San Mateo County Resource Conservation District can be expanded and copied in other bay areas. We have to face that under the current economy there are many things that we'd like the state government to do that they simply don't have the money for. The example this reminds me of is from where I spend my summers on a lake in Michigan. There we have a non-profit lake association that hires it's own biologist. He and local volunteers monitor the water quality year round…

Quiz: What was the HMB city council majority’s biggest mistake?

September 03, 2008
Z.a. Why doesn't Steve understand the difference between an editorial and an article?

Quiz: What was the HMB city council majority’s biggest mistake?

September 02, 2008
you left out "making deals behind closed doors"

HMB lawyers issue city’s statement on AB 1991

April 21, 2008
Thanks for the clarification that Orrick is actually a CA firm. It makes a bit more sense now. I still wonder that a firm with this high a reputation thought an appeal was a bad idea. I would think they could have known that the Coastal Commission AND the Attorney General were willing to back HMB.

HMB lawyers issue city’s statement on AB 1991

April 20, 2008
WTF is HMB doing with a Washington DC law firm in this case?!?! This case is about local and state issues, not federal. What could possibly be the reason for this? Unless of course there is even more to all of this that we don't know.

HMB settlement gives Keenan 129 houses on Beachwood and Glencree—and more

April 03, 2008
Is it just me or is HMB already bankrupt, morally bankrupt with this "deal". Selling out local and state review of the project, rolling back the development status to what it was nearly twenty years ago and ignoring voter approved limits on development, all for a paltry 2.25 million dollars. If there's any value to this settlement for current residents, other than pretending development and legal issues don't exist, could someone please explain it to me.

Welcome (back) to the new Coastsider

December 02, 2007
It's looking really good. A couple of quick notes... the classifieds aren't working (yet?), and text runs right up to the edge of your photo in the comments. Is there any way to add some padding around people's pics to provide some white space before the text? Minor improvements I know. Thanks for keeping this place fresh!

What’s wrong with downtown Half Moon Bay?

March 14, 2007
Even though I'm only able to live part time in the HMB area I have to agree with Anneliese. There is very little about downtown HMB that makes me want to shop there. I occassionally will go to a restaurant or a bookstore or Cunha's but little else. And I'm frustrated when I have to drive to the bayside to shop for simple things like office supplies. I've wandered into the galleries once or twice, but I honestly can't say whether or not any or even some of the artists were local to the area. Has the…

Video: Caltrans geologist explains Devil’s Slide

April 13, 2006
Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this video and for providing the best coverage of this anywhere. You are an invaluable resource for all of us that live on and love the coastside.