Comments by Manolo Fernandez

Gay wedding business opens on the Coastside

July 21, 2008
I have mixed feelings about this Gay Wedding business initiative, and before I am accused of bias, or being anti-gay, I can assure that I am not a bigot. I am concerned that some coastsiders are embracing this idea with "being good for business" as the only criteria. In that wave of thinking off shore drilling could be beneficial for the community, right? Perhaps a 3 lane-freeway into HMB could be a business booster, correct? A community is more than just business. Whatever actions a community takes…

Should TalkAbout continue to allow anonymous postings?

November 26, 2007
Interesting topic. I am also a bit disappointed about anonymous posting (any forum, Talkabout,...). While I understand the importance of voicing concerns publicly while remaining "somehow" anonymous, we must look for better ways of going about it. Here are some thoughts: - the IP address of the user can ALWAYS be detected by the forum server (anonymity in cyberspace is a relative term) - I can't post on the Coastsider without logging in - A combination of login ID/IP address can be used to control…

Landslide cuts communication to the Coastside

April 24, 2006
Many of us suffered the consequences of a cable being cut. It's been shown that when it comes to major disaster readiness a fiber optic cable is at the bottom of our priority list. However, the truth is that for a few hours many of us suffered from incommunication anxiety, I confess that I did. As a community we have to come to rely a great deal on "a cable", therefore I'd expect that our local politicians do whatever needs to be done to protect our "cables" so that this does not happen again. It's…