Comments by Keith Mangold

A suspicious report by HMB Airport manager?

May 21, 2010
I am interested in the complaint process and the tracking - Is there an email process so that complaints can be made public? Should we build a list on this site - identifying times, etc? Does anyone have a system that records decibel levels to identify some of the more flagrant local offenders?

Could a strategic retreat have saved SF’s Great Highway—and its beach?

February 02, 2010
In the 1982 1983 El Nino the same thing happened at about the same place - an enormous construction barge for the SF sewer outfall was driven ashore and the beach was littered with tombstones and parts of ornate marble burial crypts dating back to the late 1860's. I learned later that the roadbed was partially constructed (or repaired) with materials from the former Laurel Hill Cemetary in SF. History repeats!