Comments by Jo Laster

Photos: Tour de California passes through Montara

May 18, 2010
Thanks Barry so much for those wonderful pictures. So much better than the ones I took. Much appreciated.

What are the noise and use ordinances on the Midcoast?

February 09, 2010
Rich Gordon has a local day where his staff listens to residents complaints. It is usually held once a month and at the sheriffs station in Moss Beach. You might try this.

Coastside election results 2009, GSD still too close to call

November 04, 2009
Where I worked we had 60+ absentee ballots handed in and 10+ provisionals (those we are not sure whether they will count or not). When I see these results I think that they could change depending upon the above ballots being counted as valid.

Letter: The recession is hitting the Ritz

February 10, 2009
PS. I hope John Lynch found his hearing aids. Please keep us informed.

Letter: The recession is hitting the Ritz

February 10, 2009
I took my daily walk around the Ritz on Monday morning. There was only one golfer. I met two people on the trail. Nobody outside, the whole place had an air of emptiness. I also noticed that the parking lot on the SE corner of Highway 1 where the Ritz employees used to park was empty.

Pros and cons of ballot measures, Sunday

October 27, 2008
Sunday is not Oct 28th. Has this gone or is it next Sunday, which is Nov 2? - or a I looking at last year's calendar.

Letter: HMB’s new intersection: progress, my eye!

August 04, 2008
Are you right. I had three people behind me waiting to Right Turn when I was going straight and I could not let them through. Could you tell us who to call at Caltrans on this one.


November 08, 2006
I don't know if those results your published are final final final, but I worked at the El Granada School and we passed in 186 Absentee votes for 2 precincts and a whole bunch of "provisionals" which may or may not be counted. If these votes have not been counted in to the "final" results then they could well change. As I recollect we have changed results based on Absentee ballots in this race of previous occasions.