Comments by Richard Giaquinto

Caltrans will hold next public update in Pacifica on May 10 

May 08, 2006
After my 75 minute commute from Moss Beach to HMB this morning (May 8th) it is clear apparently to everyone besides local Law Enforcement, that the light on 92 and Main Street must be disabled to allow free traffic flow (The morning commute as well as the evening.) Additionally, has anyone been impacted by Law Enforcement's heavy-handed approach to traffic violations? It seems to me our uniformed brethren are spending more time issuing citations than fixing our traffic woes. Miserable in Moss Beach

Caltrans puts Hwy 1 & 92 intersection camera online

April 29, 2006
When can we expect an estimate on the Devil's Slide closure? I would rather receive worst-case-senario than no information. Is this asking too much? Richard Giaquinto - Moss Beach